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Nobody still uses them, even if they are available. In fact anything that doesn't looks enterprisey enough never goes past code reviews.

The adoption cycle for even the simplest of Syntactical features when it comes to Java enterprise is >10+ years. In some companies its never.

The saddest part isn't even that. The sad part is a whole generation of programmers have been raised, and turned to be architect astronauts without ever using something like a lambda or a closure.

The only hope for programming as a craft now is hoping Oracle kills Java(even if by mistake), and then some thing like Perl 6 comes along to replace it.

I'm not sure that will help. I see a kind of "family resemblance" between COBOL and enterprise Java. I wonder if any language that is going to play in this space is destined to become a monstrosity - destined by the nature of the problem space rather than the nature of the language.

I am aware that when I say this, I am basing my opinion on a sample size of two...

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