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I technology is not about anything. There are people who try to use it for good of humanity and there are people who try to use it for their personal gains on the cost of others. It's always like this. And if we wouldn't develop technology, they would still use the old ones (e.g. horse riding).

Technology by definition makes some tasks easier at the expense of making some other tasks more difficult. A spoon will help you eat, but it won't help you play football. A gun will help you project power and kill, but you won't eat soup with it.

Similarly, the blockchain is a technology that makes it easier to a) burn through shit ton of electricity, b) propagate scams and get-rich-quick schemes. It doesn't seem to make easier any task that's worth doing and already not better done with another technology.

The goal of a spoon is to make soup eatable. The goal of a blockchain is not to burn through a shit ton of electricity. Therefore I'd argue that your points a and b are mostly side effects, and not even side effects of blockchains. If you run high quality computer games on your system you will also burn through a shit ton of electricity. If you go to another unregulated market you also get a lot of scams and get-rich-quick schemes. Blockchains not even necessitate crypto coins, they can live without it. If you for instance like Kafka but don't like that it's centralized, you could run it on a blockchain as well.

PS: I'd argue that, depending on the type of gun you use, eating soup with a gun is still easier than eating completely without any tools. And does having a spoon really makes you worse at soccer? I'm not sure the intial thesis holds. A tool can make X easier and not make Y harder.

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