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From a socialist lense, this article reads like a neoliberal greatest hits piece:

* Conflating anarchism and libertarianism

* Calling a technology racist and sexist

* Russiophobia

* A full-throated support of big banks and the privacy rights of the enterprise.

Furthermore, there are some outright flaws in the piece itself:

* Conflating usage of cryptocurrency in vivo with blockchain as a technology

* Claiming that decentralization of the ledger is a lie because big crypto traders control most of the economy

* Claiming that you can "just fork" the blockchain to fix programming errors, when in reality (at least with Bitcoin) you need a majority to do that (there are initiatives to chang Bitcoin that have failed, afterall).

* Calling an electronic ledger an Excel spreadsheet without any mention of the data integrity benefits.

Really at the end of the day, the author claimed to be attacking blockchain but really just ended up attacking cryptocurrencies.

From a libertarian lens, I find blockchain technically interesting, and see some promise in it's usefulness, but I own zero bitcoins (etc) because the whole cryptocurrency landscape looks immature, treacherous and fraught with peril. Each of your points seems absolutely spot-on. I think readers of any political point of view should be able to spot this as a notably poor article.

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