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No, it isn't.

It operates in an environment of intense greed and crypto economics is about trying to make systems that are antifragile to greed.

Which cryptobook is this nuance from?

Cryptodefenders have ready-to-go wisdom and complicated words to defend their BS....

Any one talking Crypto and Anti-fragile in same sentence seems to have read the book, "The Bitcoin Standard".

To be honest, it is one of the best books that makes case for Crypto specifically Bitcoin or its ilk from historic currency stand point. Let us not forget the President of United States has the right to mint a Trillion Dollar Coin, and some very intelligent people asked him to do that no too long ago (4 years ago?), when there was debt crisis looming in Washington.

Again, all this sounds super complicated economics. There are a ton of facts I can cook up that are legitimate but are meaningless.

The president of the USA can also legally fart in an elevator with CNN and MSNBC reporters in that elevator... But I would guess the president probably won't do that even if they are entitled to.

There's not much nuance here; the "difficulty" aspects of proof-of-work are one of the core features of Bitcoin.

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