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Silicon Valley’s Saudi Arabia Problem (nytimes.com)
12 points by ctulek 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Users flagged this post, presumably because there were two major discussions in the last 24 hours:



Saudi Arabia has invested in Masayoshi Son's (Softbank) Vision Fund and has just been reported to be increasing that investment, as mentioned in the article.

Considering that the fund holds 25% of ARM, among other things, it means that the Saudis are almost impossible to avoid in tech.

This is sort of a ridiculous position. Americans have been exporting wealth to Saudi Arabia and China for decades. What's the greater sin? Driving to work burning stuff pumped out of the earth under Saudi Arabia, wearing an undershirt stiched by an exploited woman in Bangladesh or working with cash provided by some tyrant prince?

Unless you are living in a yurt somewhere, at some level you're going to morally impure.

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