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Washington Post have a secret, hidden "Premium EU Ad-Free" subscription that removes all the ads.

You have to go specifically here and click on the third option - but NOT when you have a subscription already (you need to cancel it first)


Despite "EU" and "GDPR" in the name, it works outside of EU too

Absolutely serious question:

What fields of research should I study - for example game theory, advanced psychology, etc - that will allow me to contrive laws with embedded side effects that politicians will never be able to figure out before ratification?

This GDPR thing - and the impact it's having on privacy/tracking/advertising - is nothing less than awesome.

Did you actually try to sign up with it? It does not work outside the EU.

Really? I am signed up now. But, I started to sign up in EU, so that might be why. I am now outside of EU and it keeps working. I assumed wrong then

It's also cheaper than the cheapest subscription offered in the US.

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