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I just like to add a little contrasting experience, note our paths start out similar: - I left a (very) high paying consulting position - I'm not in the US - Coded up a great product & launched - Nothing happened, very little attention on blogs - Several very well funded US competitors appear, get lots of press - A year later I'm still adding features, starting to gain a little traction, but making barely enough to live off - Two years later, I'm making a lot of money and product is doing really well, representatives in 6 countries, triple digit growth

I think the main think I noticed was that OTHER startups getting funded was actually good for ME, since it validated the product and people started to google around for alternatives. They made the beginner mistakes I already passed. Only sales I did was $10 a day on adwords, just to get some traffic going.

So: don't give up too soon.

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