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There is a certain, big attack on US soil that is also known to be the work of certain people

MbS: First of all, this Wahhabism—please define it for us. We’re not familiar with it. We don’t know about it.

Goldberg: What do you mean you don’t know about it?

MbS: What is Wahhabism?

Goldberg: You’re the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. You know what Wahhabism is.

MbS: No one can define this Wahhabism.

Goldberg: It’s a movement founded by Ibn abd al-Wahhab in the 1700s, very fundamentalist in nature, an austere Salafist-style interpretation—

MbS: No one can define Wahhabism. There is no Wahhabism.


I bet his intentional ignorance would have been just as forceful if the interviewer had asked him if he knew who Sayyid Qutb was, and the history of his association with certain wealthy saudis.


I like how he cut him off when it became clear he could actually describe Wahhabism very well.

Ah the old act-like-it-never-happened routine, a very common tactic used by Machiavelli types.

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