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Whether you can get a dump under the GDPR is separate from who holds the copyright, and even if you can, I think a strong argument can be made that not all data that such a car collects need be personal data. Where your car was, what passengers the car detected, whether they were attentive, etc, to me certainly are personal data, but a log of, say, oil temperature or vibration in the engine may not be personal data, certainly not if the manufacturer immediately aggregates it across thousands of cars.

Also, this case doesn’t (as of yet) declare that data is copyrightable; it just removes a clause that explicitly states it isn’t.

You can extract out a lot of information if you want to though. Perhaps vibration + temperature over time leaks information about where you are: gravel road or not, pot hole or not, hit the curb pulling into your driveway vs your friends driveway, etc. Its hard to not leak data now that machine learning can look for the patterns.

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