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The worst part of a synchronous chatroom is repeatedly asking for something you need now - and getting drowned out by irrelevant conversations, other tech chats, and cat gifs. Because you need the PR to finish the ticket and go home. But 2 people who are done for the day are still discussing house siding with a remote dev.

That's what separate channels are for.

You're suggesting to start a new channel just for the PR?

I think they're suggesting seperate channels for the non work related stuff.

Or just smaller channels in general.

And how do you expect to get the siding discussion into the other channel if you can't get their attention?

It's not a one time deal. You have to set the expectation that some channels are for work only, some channels are for off-topic discussions.

You might need someone with some authority to help with this. I take charge of managing some of the slack channels at my company, and we're able to keep the off-topic conversation mostly contained.

Isn't that what direct messages are for?

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