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Ask HN: What secure personal file hosting solution do you use?
18 points by whoyawn 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments
Been in need of a solution, but I don't want to go through the trouble of setting up my own servers. Also don't want to trust my information with Dropbox or Google. I've tried Keybase, but it's still buggy, and I've been thinking of trying SpiderOak. Any thoughts?

It depends :-) Want to get to your files without being reliant on a toolchain? Go with a standard provider, I'm not sure what your objection is to google or dropbox, but there are a lot of fish in that sea like tresorit to cater to niche markets. If it's a security thing always question if the photos of your kitten are really that critical compared to the chosen solution. And as always if a government agency is your concern you're doing it wrong.....

If the toolchain doesn't bother you use cryptomator or something like that and just pick some storage where ever.

Dropbox, but first encrypted with Cryptomator.

Check out backblaze.com, I don't use them but heard of many web hosting providera using them for backups. They unlimited personal account for $5/mo

External HDD in a fireproof safe.

Just out of interest because I've never thought of this before. Would this protect the content from the heat of a good going fire?

They are supposed to and apparently work well, they do nothing to stop a thief so the fire safety is all they are good for.


Depends on the fire safe rating (which is classified by temperature and time).

With dropbox dropping support for all non-ext4 filesystems on Linux, I've recently moved my stuff to a NextCloud instance.


I think if you password protect a file before uploading it to Dropbox or GDrive then it’s reasonably safe, is that true?

> password protect a file

Completely depends on what encryption is being used... There are still applications/developers out there that think rolling their own (keybase) is a good idea (it's not).

Syncthing, with regular encrypted backups via duplicity to S3 storage.

Syncthing. Backed up to gdrive after encrypting with borf

Keybase (KBFS)

Next Cloud


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