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Start with iOS or Full Stack Web?
11 points by t_palmer 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
I’m just starting my career in software engineering. Should I dive into iOS or Full Stack Web?

Whichever you're more curious about! There's plenty of opportunity available in both directions and there will be for a while still. And as your career matures, you'll be pulled in still other directions: domain specialization, breadth-building, etc.

There's no optimal choice, it's just personal. The most valuable thing you bring to your career right now is enthusiasm and curiosity. Lean into that by picking something you like.

Excellent approach! Software Engineering rewards (or even requires) curiosity. There is always higher hanging fruit if you're willing to climb the ladder.

Your career, or your education? Full stack web is going to be more broadly educational, and there are better resources for learning it, and it's cheaper, but iOS might be more lucrative starting out, if you already know both.


It's easier to get started (especially on the backend), and web will teach you what you need to build a backend and an API, which you'll need for iOS apps anyway.

IOS apps might also need a Stack (however full).

Depends on what you want to build first ?

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