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Videos for "Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous" (learnenough.com)
48 points by mhartl 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

These are the videos for Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous, an introduction to Ruby that's designed as a complement to the Ruby on Rails Tutorial (good either before or after).

I generally recommend getting the videos bundled with the ebook, so that you'll have them all forever, but an online version of the book is also available for free here:



Dr. Hartl, I'm so thankful for all of your ruby / rails tutorials. They were literally transformational for me earlier in my career. Glad to see you continuing to put out good content.

The supportive community around Rails made it my framework of choice. (That and active directory!)

Happy to hear it!

Might want to reword that title to:

Videos for "Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous"

I feel like there's an obvious joke here:

IRB> "some string"[/look a regex!/]


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