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Show HN: An embeddable portfolio for your (side) projects (makerwidget.com)
17 points by aulrich 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments


I’m Armin, co-creator of MakerWidget! It’s a little widget you can put on your project pages to show who you are, where to find you and what you did before.

My partner Melanie and I wanted to make ourselves more visible on our side project pages, so we tried to elaborate on Pieter Levels idea of a maker badge!

You can easily set up your widget on makerwidget.com for free and grab your embed code! It supports multiple makers, custom link lists and a project gallery. Being a team of two makers ourselves, we focused a lot on flexibility!

I built the whole thing with Laravel and Vue.js and learned so much on the way. Mostly about the fact that an iFrame can be transparent !? - In the next steps, im going to try to optimise the Request-count - if someone here can give me tips on what else I can (and should) do tech-wise please tell me!

I ship-streamed the development of this widget on Twitch, and will also be live today. You can watch me on shipstreams.com! (And yes, I’m low-key trying to make „ship-streaming“ a thing!) :)

Cheers, Armin

Widgets are already embedded here:

* https://threader.app

* https://ericlima.com

* https://builtbyher.io

* https://akshaykadam.me

* https://www.growthjobslist.com

* https://www.saasflow.co/

* https://madewithvuejs.com

* https://joblist.app

Also, we have a Gatsby Plugin now:

* https://github.com/deadcoder0904/gatsby-plugin-makerwidget

I think things like this are going to become more and more popular, ways to follow people who make your favorite software and access their backlog and previous projects. Things that they've made before or are still working on. Love the idea Armin.

Full Disclosure: I stream on Armin's site shipstreams, I am biased.

I love the widget!

What is your tech stack?

Thank you!!

Started with Laravel Spark .. so Laravel + Vue.js :)

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