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Show HN: RoastMe – Feedback markeplace from users and experts for your product (roastme.xyz)
14 points by jpaulet 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

Cool Idea, as someone who's worked on a lot of ideas, getting feedback from users can be a laborious process. I think you're trying to solve a good problem, however the issue I think you may run into is people willing to pay for it. I also don't care about what experts feedback have on my product, I care about the target customer. Their feedback is much more valuable since they'd be the ones paying for it.

I feel the same. I'm much more interested in collecting a wide range of opinions from a big group of users from my broad niche (software developers, in my case) than I am in one or two experts who may or may not be my target audience.

I can imagine the situation where you would want an expert, but for me that would be more when I'm trying to fix a specific issue (users don't convert well on page X), and I don't have a specific problem. Right now I mainly want feedback to validate my core concept, and really that needs a certain volume of opinions.

OP, I'd suggest splitting the pricing: $X for an expert opinion (I think you could go quite a way above the current $5 here), or $Y for N opinions from random people who might fit my niche (you'd need some broad categories somehow though).

Yeah, that's true... (We have a lot of software developers as experts too haha ;)).

I will think in your idea of splitting the price. The true is that "in a way" I did (you can buy specific experts) but some people say to me that the price is too low... But it's hard for me to upraise the price without any sell :S


Thanks for your feedback. It's true that the target customer is more important, but I thought that maybe experts could help to reach it (marketing experts, grow experts, etc.). But I was thinking to implement something like a landing bot for the targeted website or surveys... I will think about it, because there are a lot of competence in this field (targeted surveys, bots, X users reviews for Y, etc.). But thanks!

This is my first solo-founded product, I developed it with 3 weeks.

The goal is build a marketplace where people can share their expertise and get money or get feedback for your idea, product, website, etc.


Cool idea, kind of like ProductHunt meets Quora? I think in order for people to spend money you will need some well known experts, but I like the free offering and I put in a submission of my own. Congrats on the launch!

Hi Tim and thanks for your submission. The idea is to increase the database of experts (in the lasts 2 days 9 news experts added) and then you can handpick expert review. I'm working in the promotion part of the product! Stay tunned

This is nice. I've started building two ideas for this, but I always stopped.

1. A website where you uploaded a design and was guaranteed feedback on it once you gave feedback on someone elses design.

2. Exactly the same, except purely though email. You'd email your design to X@Y.Z and you'd get another one in your inbox that you could reply to. Once that was done, you'd receive feedback on your design.

Oh and as a bonus I also have this page, that I've never shared anywhere before http://jontelang.com/feedback/.


On your site, this looks nice however for the 'see roasts'. It is unclear if the roasts there are free ones or kinda the proper paid roasts.

Thanks for your ideas. The email part is a very good way to reach more people.

You are the second person that say to me that the "see roasts" button is unclear. Message received! I will change it right now


Really slick for something that was solo founded and developed within 3 weeks.

Couple of suggestions : The folks with good roasts rating can be invited to become experts that ways you are incentivizing everyone involved to give good and proper feedback. Bad roasts get negative points (a la Karma) and this can be used to determine the payout. I usually don't like changing the entire pricing/biz model for folks but i thought this might be something that you can look into.

The only thing that irritated me a bit was the color, i agree that red can look slick but the sharpness is a bit too much?

Regardless really good idea, well executed. Best of luck :)

Thanks for your kind words!

Now I have a 'point' system (like karma) and the goal is to reward better roasters with free roasts, become an expert and more! I will take in consideration your suggestion!

The color is true that maybe is too "strong". I will try to improve it.


Nice idea! One minor comment: I have the impression that the word “Roast” is being used as a linguistic reference. If so, non-native English speakers may not understand the name. Maybe consider a name that is more university understood?

Thanks! You are not the first one to sayme something similar... I was thinking in changing it to feedbackme or feedbackloop or something similar to make it more professional too, but it's hard to decide either do it or no.

Well nows the time to do it before you get too much traction.

I also registered, but no confirmation email. Its been about 5 minutes.

Bad news.

I will take a look what is happening and try to resend you the mail. If you have some problem, you can reach us in "roastmexyz@gmail.com" and I will be glad to help you!


Congrats on the launch. Looks really slick for 3 weeks.

Thanks!! I did my best :)

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