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[flagged] Nearly $13B wiped off of cryptocurrency market as major coins plunge (cnbc.com)
6 points by NicoJuicy 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

If anyone else saw the headline and thought "wow I wonder how much it went down", the answer is 3%.

For reference, Netflix is down 8%. Amazon is down 6%. Microsoft is down 5%. Google and Apple are down 4%.

It is weird that this is news.... btc rises and falls like this all the time, does it not?

Almost sounds like somebody is priming a pump, like what happened a year ago.

Care to elaborate? You think this is intentional?

I reckon we'll look back at crypto as the 3D printing and VR hype of yesteryears

Potentially useful technologies but about a decade away from mass adoption

More like South sea bubble and tulip mania of yesteryear.

It never wiped off 13 Bn because there never was 13 Bn to be cashed out in a day...

You make no sense. Why does it have to be in a day? Why not in a week? Why not in an hour? $13B evaporated = $13B evaporated. Furthermore, in the crypto markets mentioned (BTC, ETH, XRP) there is definitely a trading volume of $10-20 billion weekly. The market is a lot deeper than you think.

Went to my go-to indicator of BTC value expecting shock and horror only to find a normal weekly fluctuation: http://preev.com/

Article author probably wants to buy some coins

As a joke, someone should release yoyocoin.

TL;DR: just another day in crypto world, market is very volatile. A IMF said crypto is dangerous for global financial system. A journalist try to make both events related and uses clickbait title...

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