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Magic (YC W15) is hiring senior full stack engineers in SF
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Magic (http://getmagic.com) is a Y Combinator-backed software company in San Francisco, CA that is building a hyper-intelligent, ubiquitous assistant available over SMS, email, chat apps, and other digital channels.

Magic was founded in 2015 by a team of software engineers with one simple premise: create a natural language interface to the complexity of the world, delivered by a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise. We are hardcore developers at heart, we are highly iterative, and we are relentless. We are minimal and focused on writing code that really matters. We don't stop until we are done.

Our primary technologies right now are Node.js, Meteor, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, Ansible. Experience with these are very nice but not required. We believe in using the right tool for the job.

We are currently hiring for senior, mid-level, and junior engineering positions. This is a full-stack, generalist role for which you will be given a high degree of autonomy and will be expected to deploy impactful code to production in your first week. We're less concerned with your resume and more concerned with your ability to get real stuff done.

Come build the future of human-computer interaction with us.

Bonus points if you've got...

- Experience working with Node.js, Meteor, modern web application frameworks - Experience with devops, the AWS suite, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins - Experience within early-stage startups or human operations companies

Apply here: https://getmagic.com/engineering/apply/hn

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