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Tunnel with a rail system is found under Mexico-California border (latimes.com)
11 points by petethomas 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Can the USGS conduct some seismic tests along the US-Mexico border that would identify these types of man-made changes?

At least somebody is extending US rail network.

Jokes aside, its an interesting finding. Made me think how private organizations build infrastructure to circumvent governmental restrictions.

This was interesting:

> found a tunnel that emerged among weeds in a vacant area near Otay Mesa after 30 people, most from China and a few from Mexico, appeared out of it early one morning.

Are tunnels from Mexico being used to transport people from Asian and countries to the US? Or is there some other context missing here?

I don't know how common it is to cross the border illegally to do it, but foreign nationals do come to the US specifically for the purpose of having children. It's called "birth tourism": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birth_tourism#Birth_(and_abort...

A Chinese woman could have additional reason to do so as a means of circumventing China's "two child" policy.

Again - to be clear, I have no idea how common this is in practice, much less how common it is for Chinese nationals to enter the US illegally for this purpose or if it's applicable to the people in the article.

The people going in through tunnels are going for work not to have babies.

I guess it’s much easier to come into México in a ship first and then cross into the US

Birth tourism is done via airports and turist visas

Clearly the tunnel goes all the way to China.

Be on the lookout for a ~5 foot grey rabbit eating a carrot saying “what’s up doc”

Anyone else thought this is something about SSH Tunnels and Ruby on Rails before getting to the "under Mexico..." part of the title?

Boring Company should build one for shipping containers. Compete with the border patrol traffic jam on the highway.

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