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What to do during break from work?
15 points by jangasiewski 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments
What do you guys do when you have a break from work to give yourself an energy boost for the next session?

Make tea. I like the ceremony of it. It’s during these repeated actions that I let my mind wander and think about next tasks and new ideas.

Are you talking about lunch break? Usually best to go for a walk or something. If I try to code my brain is f*d (fried) later that day.

I attempt to mediate using headspace, but if I don't feel in the mood for that, I go for a walk around the city. However, if I am feeling rather lazy, I sit at my desk eating and watching YouTube videos.

I am joining a new company on Monday and they have a gym so I think I might start lighting some weights and become a beef cake.

I guess it depends on my mood.

I try to go for a walk every 50 mins, sometimes eat a snack or stretch a bit. But I don't have a system for it.

Listening to some tunes, my dude.

I used to take long walks on my breaks, scarf down my lunch just to have more time.

I take a walk down to my local coffee shop and get an espresso

Chit chat with co-workers about non-work/technology related topics. Football/sports, house, family, kids, politics etc etc.

A 6 inch sub to refuel...a BK at lunch gives short term pleasure but post afternoon brain melt.

Just started an office job, I go to the gym. Brilliant way of switching off from work.

Anything except what you do at work. No pc, phone, sitting, indoors and so on.

Caffeine and sugar.


Go up and down the stairs

what i think i will do, i can never get done

Go outside



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