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Show HN: Supercharge your front-end skills by building real projects (frontendmentor.io)
32 points by stooderrr 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Hey everyone,

I’m a Front-end/JavaScript developer and web development instructor at General Assembly in London. Over the years I’ve seen lots of students who struggle to find projects to practice on once they’ve learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

So I built Frontend Mentor as a place where people can come to improve their front-end skills whilst using a real-life workflow. Each challenge provides mobile & desktop designs, assets, starter code, project brief, and a front-end style guide. The rest is up to the individual.

All challenges are free and there’s a Slack community if you need any help on one of the projects.

I’ve literally just launched this last week, so I’d love some feedback if you can spare the time.

Thanks for taking a look!

Congrats on shipping! I was looking for something like this...

Is it possible to get feedback on the built-code? Do you have any feature down the line that will let people submit "solved" challenges and get feedback on their code from real front end developers?

That way, it would help catch bad coding practices early... or maybe you could include a standard solution with each challenge, kind of like how PluralSight courses have a "Before" and "After" folders, with the "After" folder containing the completed code.


At the moment anyone who finishes a challenge can post in the Slack community for others to see and comment on. The next stage will be to build out a web app where users can submit solutions for others to view and comment on.

The problem with including a solution is that I don't want it to become a crutch. It would be too easy for people to just look at the solution when they hit an issue, instead of debugging and asking questions. My aim for the challenges is for people to learn by using a real-life workflow, so having a solution available doesn't feed into that.

Perhaps when the web app is up there could be some notion of "Done", at which point a solution would be made available.

I'm open to ideas on this, because I've been going over it a lot and talking to users and still not found a good path.

I like the idea, and congrats on the launch!

The resource page you put together looks high quality.

One suggestion is to make each challenge focus on one thing, like flexbox (or even layout in general), font etc. I saw you are giving feedbacks on twitter, which is awesome. Maybe you could collect all the solutions and your feedbacks for each challenge, present them nicely on your site, and maybe also highlight what can be learned from each of them.

Thanks for the feedback! The next stage will be to build out an actual web app where users can submit solutions and see each other's work easily and comment.

Now that I've got people doing the challenges, I'm talking to them to see exactly what they feel would improve the offering. The points you made about the solutions being visible is a common one already. At the moment people just post the URL in the Slack community or on Twitter.

Thanks again for your comment!

I like this project. It's hard to find high-quality mockups that are free for learners like me to use

Hey Hashim, really happy you like the project. I'm looking forward to seeing your solutions!

Do you plan to monetize it?

Hey Ghyslain. Yeah, I do plan to monetize it. But I want to keep the challenges free to download/start for everyone.

The goal is definitely to try to move this towards being a full-time thing, as opposed to a side project.

Thanks for your effort. I am tackling the first project right now!

That's awesome, looking forward to seeing your solution!

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