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Why are you paying so much attention to your "launch day"? It's an entrepreneurial myth that there is a mighty "launch" that sets the tone of your business. When was Twitter "launched"? When was Carbonmade "launched"? When was Balsamiq "launched"? Or SquareSpace, MailChimp, or Fog Creek? Sure, they "launched", but who cared?

You are building a business. It does not spring from your forehead like Athena, or get pooped out of your pet Nibbler like Dark Matter on Futurama. Listen to what everyone else here has to say. Sure, pick something with favorable long-tail SEO dynamics. Sure, pick something with a viral loop. Sure, build yourself a tribe.

But then, for god's sake, pick something you can stick with, nurture, protect, and grow over the long run. That thing you don't have, that you keep calling "a fucking great idea"? Most of us call it "a winning lottery ticket". Stop thinking about playing the lottery. Get back to work.

This, this, a thousand times this. After launch, Peldi was pounding the pavement talking to itty-bitty software bloggers (like me) and giving away hundreds of licenses (60+ a day early on, I've heard) to get the word out about how much time/effort you'd save doing mockups his way. His talk about it at the Business of Software was extraordinarily inspiring: his meteoric success in the last three years is the culmination of hard charging for the last 22.

FogCreek was a wee little consultancy which got the market shot out from under it which launched a product that nobody cared about which happened to produce an industrial biproduct which, ten years later, employs a few dozen developers in an office next door to the New York Stock Exchange.

My software -- which is not nearly on the scale of either of the above businesses -- launched to all of 116 visitors. Four and a half years of very, very part-time work later, it pays my salary. (It will sell the hundred thousandth dollar worth of software some time before Halloween.) I'm happy as a clam and getting the next adventure ready as we speak.

When are you going to launch? I've been waiting since March for the details on how you'll market to your target audience. Personally I don't see how you're going to do it without going door to door, but if you manage to crack this nut, I've got a bunch of products lined up for which I'll copy your marketing strategy :) (totally different from yours, I don't think any of the JoS board BCC copycats are making a dime, so I'm not going there ;) )

I'm planning on launch by the end of November (cross fingers). My marketing strategy is mostly going to be organic SEO, and some folks with pre-existing relationships in the market want to white label it, which is not difficult for me to offer.

You could argue Twitter (and FourSquare) were both launched at SXSW.

Totally agree with you point though.

Yes. Launch, smaunch. You'll be launched when people start telling their friends about it.

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