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[dupe] AmigaOS 3.1.4 (hyperion-entertainment.biz)
48 points by cedel2k1 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments


Great to see updates! I wonder how Hyperion stays afloat financially though?

AmigaOS vs. ArcaOS: battle of the legacy projects of classic closed-source OS's propped up by lingering companies

How are these people still in business? I mean how can this make enough money to stay afloat?

The code base for the OS is tiny, compared to OS's nowadays. How much time do they have to invest to make improvements?

Even if this is true, the amount of features they added in this update must have taken a while to implement and test. The question on how they get enough funding is still valid.

I always wonder "why?". Like Haiku and other old tech projects I just can't see the sense of spending time and effort on dead tech.

Also, wow that is intensely ugly (but maybe that's just me).


Why do auto enthusiasts work on classic cars?

Retrocomputing is a hobby for some people. Maybe not you, but some people, myself included, enjoy reliving their youth by messing around with these ancient artifacts...

The AmigaOS may look ugly by today's standards, but it was beautiful years before Microsoft got to Windows 3.0.

I played with a C64 in high school, and spent my young adulthood with Amigas.

Everything was ugly before you had decent resolutions and 256 colors on screen.

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