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Show HN: Universal Solution for Accepting Cryptocurrency Subscriptions (cryptosubscriptions.co)
7 points by alexsideris 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Creator here. While growing my product, Telemonetize, a service that allows to charge a monthly subscription for access to your Telegram group or channel, I found myself going into the crypto market.

I quickly found out that crypto payments are 'push' payments, meaning that for a user to pay, let's say, $10/mo in cryptocurrency, he/she has to send the payment manually himself/herself every month. There is no universal solution for 'pulling' from a crypto wallet. Any solution that 'pulls' from a customer's wallet is limited and requires your end user to have that specific wallet

I built this API to make your life easier while accepting crypto subscriptions. It's a simple API that notifies your subscribers automatically via email several times before their subscription expires so you don't have to do it manually. In these emails, there will be a link to a checkout page so they can renew their subscription

You will get notified via email and webhooks when users subscribe, renew or don't renew(cancel) their subscription

All you have to do is add an embeddable widget/button to your website

It's built on Ruby on Rails, with plain Javascript and Bootstrap on the front end and it's hosted on Heroku

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