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EmbodyVR | Full time| Full stack |San Mateo CA| Remote OK

EmbodyVR is looking for a full stack engineer. We are rapidly growing and looking to expand our team. We are developing the cutting edge immersive audio technology. Its a pretty challenging and fun position. You get to listen to music, play video games for work :) :) The job description is given below. If interested please send your resume to nidhi@embodyvr.co. Remote OK.

Job Description

We are looking for a lead full-stack software engineer at EmbodyVR to build immersive auditory experiences! If you are someone who loves thinking systems and infrastructure for large-scale deployment of machine learning algorithms, we would love to talk to you. We value initiative and leadership!

We prefer someone with a industry experience because our challenges as a startup are unique to designing at-scale systems from scratch. If you have recently graduated, and think that you are ready for a challenge, please apply with a link to your codebase.

Our culture is collaborative, and we thrive in learning from each other! As a research team working on some amazing machine learning problems, we code in Python. We are seeking a strong software engineer who can complement our skills, and is experienced in the following:

1. Programming Languages: Python, C++ (mandatory), Java (nice to have) 2. Any of your favorite API development frameworks: For example Flask, Django, Tornado, Node,js 3. Any of your favorite databases: For example, MongoDB, SQL 4. Any of your favorite cloud platforms: For example, AWS, Azure, GCP.

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