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I would suggest that you take more of a look at yourself rather than at your business per se to try to figure out why this isn't clicking. You have to be the seed out of which the business grows. All that stuff "out there" needs to be the air and water and so forth where it can take root and grow, but it grows out of you. So maybe you are what you need to understand better.

Good luck.

I am curious as to why this got downvoted. Can anyone explain to me how this is a "bad comment" worthy of being downvoted? Why is understanding yourself better "bad advice"? (We have a member here who successfully started a bakery after figuring out why trying to be an entrepreneurial hacker wasn't working for him.)

Sign me: Baffled.

Often people go through the comments clicking up/down here and there. Yours had just 1 point so was easy to get to zero. I upvoted.

I think it was at negative 1 when I asked why it had been downvoted. Now it is at positive 2. Upvotes are nice but doesn't really answer my question.


If you aren't getting downvoted once in a while then you aren't contributing much ;) Feel good about it, someone thought your opinion was worth a downvote! Upvoted!

So does getting thrown off lists (or leaving in a huff as a preemptive strike) count for making me worthwhile? :-P

(Yeah, I'm having one of THOSE days.)

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