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Hmmm.... my business has always been in the same boat in terms of press, although we are a niche product and so grow essentially through word of mouth. That said... improving the product usually trumps getting an article written in the long run. And never spend more than 40 minutes writing an email.

My suggestions for AdSense would be to spend $500 at once rather than trickling the money out. This gives Google enough knowledge of your conversion rates that you can switch to pay-per-conversion. Bear in mind that you also have to be ruthless about excluding websites where you aren't going to get any conversions during your pay-per-click period. So track your spend daily and exclude-exclude-exclude sites that don't convert. I don't know if you've done this, but it basically halved our advertising costs and turned us from advertising at a loss into advertising more or less at cost (perhaps profitably assuming word of mouth, etc.).

Good luck!

This is off-topic, but here is a shout out from one of your customers! PopupChinese is great. I found out about it because AdsoTrans was the most handy pinyin conversion site that I've used for years. And I don't remember how I found about that one.

Thanks! :)

This is gread AdWords advice. I've only just started playing around with SEM (as opposed to SEO which I already have a pretty good handle on) and Google AdWords can be wayyyy to expensive for very few conversions if ur doin it rong.

Thanks for the tip!

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