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I've been in the process of migrating from AWS to Azure to take advantage of start-up credits. Previous to this I was working at a large company on AWS-only infrastructure. I feel like I've got enough experience with both at all levels. In Azure we've been using Kubernetes for a number of months now.

I, too, think the Azure portal is amazing to work with. It feels much more coherent than the AWS portal. I like the Azure command line package as well, in preference to the AWS CLI. I've never touched the Azure PowerShell tools and have never felt like I had to.

Creating resources via the portal or command line is something I only do as a last resort anyways; we use Terraform for all of our cloud resource creation purposes.

We are trying to be all Terraform but its not moving fast enough. We still need the the Azure/AWS consul/cli to do much of the work. I switched from an AWS shop to a "migrating to Azure from AWS" shop. The new job is all Kubernetes work so I love it but I cannot get comfortable with Azure. I was so much more productive and confident with AWS its crazy. I miss S3, EBS, Snapshots, Route53, IAM and even fucking AWS role policy. I understand MS realizes this which is why they change there API every 4 months but its getting ridiculous we can't even use AKS (instead of ACS) because for some reason they don't role out services to the US North Central Region. WTF?

Yeah, there's a definite hurdle to get over when moving to Azure. I've been finding analogs to most of the services I need, like Blob storage instead of S3, managed disks instead of EBS.

There are some things I definitely prefer in Azure to AWS too; I find the AD-based authentication to be much easier to understand and implement compared to IAM. The SMB shares (File storage) are great, integrate well with Kubernetes, and are a lot faster than EFS.

Non-premium VM IO performance is abysmal though, and I really wish I could store SSH public keys in Azure AD.

AKS is good until your custom resources are slow to react, and there is no ETA when the issue will be fixed. Check the following issues: https://github.com/Azure/AKS/issues/522, https://github.com/Azure/AKS/issues/676

Give GKE a whirl.

This is the same advice I gave to the AKS product manager.

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