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Learning Acrobatics by Watching YouTube (berkeley.edu)
85 points by ingve 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I think I can spend all day watching SIGGRAPH videos and reading papers. Always very inspiring and interesting stuff.

>>Here we have simulated characters that learn to adapt motions to irregular terrain, where the original video clips were recorded from actors on flat ground.

That simulation looks quite good, though I'm struck that it has apparently not learned the simplest trick to success, launching your flip off of a higher point and landing lower

I'd love this see this applied to cooperative partner acrobatic gymnastics.

Do I detect a fellow partner acrobat ? But that would be nice indeed. The problem however is we work on contact area between each other (the 2 acrobat partners) that isn't perfectly stable. (For example handstand in hands.) Or there might be a way to abstract it away.

Wait until this is applied to AAA games.

You mean we're going to get assaulted by bots spinning, rolling, and flipping all over the place? That sounds vaguely terrifying...

"Learning Acrobatics by Watching YouTube"

Certainly not something expected, but regardless, present on the coroners report.

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