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Citrusbyte | Remote | Experienced Software Engineer | citrusbyte.com

Citrusbyte is a software consultancy that believes in using simple tools to solve problems. We build custom systems for both startups and enterprises - You can see our portfolio for more information about our clients.

Our main offices are in Los Angeles and New York, but we work remotely with people from all around the world.

Our engineers have experience in a consultative environment, excellent communication skills and a desire to work with talented teams building innovative products. We work closely with our clients, sharing our experience to help them better define their products.

We are looking for Experienced Engineers and Solutions Architects and Engineering Managers.

On the backend, we value experience in Ruby (off Rails) and knowledge about other languages like Elixir or Go.

On the frontend, we are searching for HTML, CSS and JavaScript experts that are always learning and adapting to the ever-evolving frontend landscape.

Find out more at https://citrusbyte.applytojob.com?source=Hacker%20News

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