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Show HN: Darebux: earn money doing dares [beta]
4 points by darebux 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
Darebux is an app that allows you to earn money by doing dares. Darebux is based on the idea where a friend dares you to do something in exchange for a sum of money. For example, I dare you to eat a spoon of wasabi for $20. Once a dare has been created, click Accept, record a video clip of yourself completing the dare. The person who created the dare will verify the video. Once the video has been verified funds will be transferred into your account. Darebux is a new and upcoming social media and fundraising platform. Our aim is to be the number 1 platform that allow users to earn money just simply by doing dares and, allow users to fund raise for social and charitable causes. Darebux allows to you unleash your wicked creativity and inner daredevil. Of course, we encourage everyone to be safe and not engage in any activities that will cause harm to yourself or others. At Darebux we say “Dare the impossible”. Anyone can earn money on Darebux. It doesn't matter how you look, you don’t have to be an expert on anything, if you can do the dare you will get paid. darebux.com

Beta testing now for android. Earn bitcoins & egift card doing dares.


This app is the exact plot of the distopian sci-fi movie [1] Nerve. The effects of such a system are explored pretty well there...

[1] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerve_(2016_film)

I like the app but I can't help but think that teenagers already do a lot of stupid things these days, do we really need to encourage them more?

Money laundering will likely be the main use case of this app.

Only if it gets big, and in that case, it can be avoided by analyzing transactions and discovering uncommon behavior. Good transparency in who does what and gets how much for it could also help. Nobody would use the app for money laundering if the police can just look at the logs.

how can you launder money, you only receive in app credits for dares you complete and withdraw them as egift cards or bitcoin

Dirty money across many accounts -> given to account "performing" the dare -> withdrawn as bitcoin -> sold on exchange.

I like the idea, but based on some of the things you're doing (holding funds, taking credit cards and giving out bitcoins) and your response above you are stepping into a world of regulation and fraud that you are completely unprepared for. I seriously suggest you contact a lawyer before you commit a felony.

The idea sounds interesting, but is there only an android app? This seems to me like a typical use-case for a web-app :|

We are finalizing the iOS app, fixing bugs releasing soon. Users are shifting towards mobile apps now a days.

Just a feedback: webapp could work, even on mobile. People can try before committing to download

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