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Standard Cognition (YC S17) Is Hiring – Create High-Performance Rust Systems
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Standard Cognition - San Francisco | 130 - 175K + Equity | Infrastructure and HPC | Full-time Onsite

Standard is building the future of retail with autonomous checkout. Our 100% machine vision based system allows shoppers to walk in, grab stuff, and leave, without ever having to wait in a line or scan an item. We figure out what they grab and seamlessly charge them.

We have designed our system from the ground up to be deployable to millions of retailers without major renovations. We are running our own test store here in San Francisco and are rolling out to multiple retailers around the globe.

Help us build the state-of-the-art systems that make this possible!

Skills we are looking for: Rust, Nix Nice to have: Python, Mesos

Software Engineer - Systems Engineering - Develop, test and maintain the high performance engine beneath our distributed machine learning pipelines - Integrate python machine learning models with Rust codebase and port legacy infrastructure from fast code into blazing fast code - Optimize hardware utilization (CPU, GPU, Memory)

Senior Software Engineer - Systems Engineering - Design, develop, test and optimize reliable and efficient camera systems for large scale computer vision deployments - Collaborate with computer vision, machine learning and infrastructure teams to architect and integrate sensing software - Evaluate, test and integrate sensors from third party vendors - Design, improve and maintain low latency image acquisition pipelines

Systems Engineer - Site Reliability and Developer Operations - Build observability into products to measure and monitor availability, performance and overall health of systems - Leverage observability to improve operations and drive development towards increased reliability, performance and accuracy - Scale development processes and deployments through automation and orchestration - Participate in incident response strategy and postmortems.

Operations and Release Engineer - Site Reliability and Developer Operations - System provisioning and automated deployments - Maintain and extend automated build configurations and development environments - Maintain, develop and extend Continuous Integration pipelines and testing infrastructure

Data Infrastructure Engineer - Site Reliability and Developer Operations - Identify, test, tune and deploy storage systems for development and production environments - Deep understanding of available filesystems and their tradeoffs - Experience with distributed/clustered filesystem technologies

Senior Security Engineer - Site Reliability and Developer Operations - Identify security risks, threats and develop mitigation plans - Design, implement, maintain, and evaluate security-focused tools and services - Perform security assesments, reviews and code audits

If you're interested in applying, please contact us at brandon [at] standard [dot] ai

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