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NuCypher (YC S16) is hiring engineers to work on decentralized privacy tech
5 months ago | hide
We’re looking for generalist engineers to join us in building the future of decentralized privacy-preserving technologies, including proxy re-encryption and fully homomorphic encryption.

Responsibilities: * Design, build, and maintain the core infrastructure powering our decentralized network; * Implement cryptographic primitives and write robust, security-first code that will run in high-risk, adversarial environments; * Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes; * Review team members’ code to collaboratively identify bugs and correct security issues; * Help establish threat models against our decentralized network and protocol.

Competencies: * Deep knowledge of Python, Go, Javascript, Rust, or C; * Familiarity with public-key cryptography and related cryptosystems, and the OpenSSL APIs ; * Familiarity with DevOps, CI/CD processes (CircleCI experience a plus!), git, automated testing (such as pytest), and other software development best practices; * Verbal and written technical English.

Bonus Points: * Experience with AWS deployment and management (IAM, ec2, s3, etc); * Familiarity with applied cryptography literature/papers, and advanced cryptographic concepts like lattice-based cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs; * Experience with designing and/or implementing large-scale distributed systems; * Experience working with Ethereum, other blockchain ecosystems, or managing any decentralized network at scale (not necessarily blockchain-related) is a major plus; * Deep understanding or knowledge of consensus networks and protocols, specifically as they relate to cryptocurrencies and other blockchain applications; * Any experience, professional or amateur, working in security engineering, appsec, or other information security roles is a major plus (hackers are welcome!).

If you’re a good fit, send your CV and a code sample that you’re proud of to careers@nucypher.com. No recruiters, please.

About NuCypher: We believe that unconditional privacy is a fundamental human right, and NuCypher was founded to empower individuals to assert that right in the digital age. We’re building the tools and infrastructure to protect this right by combining new advances in cryptography with decentralization.

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