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If you're storing files with non-Unicode-compatible names, you should really stop. Even if on Unix, you can technically use any kind of binary mess as a name, doesn't mean you should. And this applies to all kinds of data. All current operating systems support (and default to) Unicode, so handling anything else is a job for a compatibility layer, not your application.

If you write new code to be compatible with that one Windows ME machine set to that one weird IBM encoding sitting in the back of the server room, you're just expanding your technical debt. Instead, write good, modern code, then write a bridge to translate to and from whatever garbage that one COBOL program spits out. That way, when you finally replace it, you can just throw away that compatibility layer and be left with a nice, modern program.

In EE terms, think of it like an opto-isolator. You could use a voltage divider and a zenner diode, but thats just asking for trouble.

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