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> Comparing a string to a bytestring should not just always evaluate to false, it should (IMHO) raise a type error.

Equality testing is implicitly done in a lot of places (like searching), it would become a bit of a hassle if the basic types were to throw exceptions when compared with each other.

It would also result in correct code sooner.

Perhaps, but the ship sailed long ago on that one

    >>> 1 == '1'

Finding bugs early is considered a hastle these days? Really?

Not saying it's right but:

For something like Unicode, I think the point is that it "just worked" before where it would have been a lot more time and effort to get it "working" in say Java. Types and compile/runtime errors are a balance in the end that depends on the use case and if the programmer wants something that works (for the short term usually) or is resilient and will work long term. IMO, the influx in popularity of untyped languages (Javascript being used on the server side, ew) is a sign that so much coding today is not done for the long haul. I think there are good balances to be hit though, and Unicode is a place that highlights that python could use some better optional typing aid, as Typescript brought to JS.

As someone with so called “Unicode-characters” in my name, I have encountered bugs and issues on every single American website in the history of the internets, and you will have to forgive me for preferring correctness over programmer convenience.

For me it’s literally personal.

How many more ads are you willing to watch to pay for the correctness?

While your comment is trollish, I’ll let you know I’ve had many issues with payments because shitty web-sites have been unable to 1. Validate my name and 2. Correlate whatever their whitelist permits with actual information returned from the payment processor.

So your inability to handle basic stuff like this is actually costing you money.

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