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Here's one question that's always bugged me - What's stopping a malicious user from sending an HTTP request from any API client like Postman, or even Curl from the CL? Something like a post with: {transferTo: myAccountId, amount: 1000000000}?

Obviously in any nontrivial web app it would fail because of authentication issues, but if a server doesn't do ANY sort of security checking, that should work, no? Does that mean that the onus is on the server developer of mybank.com? And if so, what would stop the malicious request from working on any server developed before the existence of CORS?

Server is supposed to check authentication/authorization through some method.

If HTTP, that’s done via setting some information in the request headers, be it a cookie, or basic auth, or token auth, or similar.

CORS is done by the browser - to not allow certain requests to be made (In case you are accidentally executing malicious javascript code). The server tells the browser via the CORS headers which requests are ok to make.

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