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QuoteToMe.com | Winnipeg, Canada | Frontend React (+MobX) Developer | Contract/Freelance | REMOTE Our mission is to build a more informed, harmonized, and thriving construction community.

We are a young and well funded startup that is building a modern communication and quoting platform for contractors and equipment rental companies.

We Are Looking For Someone...

→ Who knows how to write clean, modular, composable, properly scoped and named code in React + MobX (and vanilla JavaScript/ES6).

→ That knows how to implement new features or improve existing ones based on provided designs and make them even better using good UX considerations and good sense of aesthetic.

→ That can self-sufficiently debug & implement solutions with minimal direction in a sometimes ambiguous environment.

→ Knows how to write code that works across a multitude of devices, screen sizes and browsers.

→ That is always learning, open minded, collaborative, open to new ways of doing things and open to receiving and providing constructive feedback.

→ With experience in working in a remote "asynchronous communication" environment via Slack, Email, etc. And who knows how to communicate via english language with clarity in both technical and non technical matters.

→ That understands values of maintainable and clean codebase and code standards.

→ Has at least basic understanding and experience with GIT (+GitHub).

→ Enjoys taking ownership and responsibility for their work.

Please fill in the form under this URL to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/2C3xOmpwkCWlv2XG3

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