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Not really. The GOOL code was used for character logic and things like the load/save screen. The majority of the code was written in C and MIPS assembly.

Was the GOOL code interpreted or compiled?

Edit: mostly interpreted, according to [0] which I found below.

Edit2: wait, the article later says that the GOOL code was compiled into [MIPS] R3000 machine code...

0. https://all-things-andy-gavin.com/2011/03/12/making-crash-ba...

It was used for all of the gameplay code. The C and ASM were just the engine level primitives. On the systems I've seen, the gameplay code can outnumber engine code 5 to 1.

You're talking to the guy who wrote crash bandicoot

dmbaggett was one of the original authors of Crash Bandicoot - I think he remembers how it was implemented.

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