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Project Rōnin | Software Engineer | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE | https://www.projectronin.com/

We have an opportunity to truly impact the lives of millions of patients with our intelligent care system. To do that, we are building a team that is passionate about providing service to others in the best way we know how - creating life-altering software. With real-world data, real-time symptom management leveraging machine learning and a tool for clinicians to quickly and intuitively view and restructure patient information, our platform is allowing for truly individualized care for every patient.

As one of the first engineers to join the team, you’ll partner with our Director of Engineering to create the foundation of our product. We’re building a services-oriented architecture with Ruby on Rails, React, Python, MySQL, Kafka, Heroku, Oracle, Docker, Kubernetes (and React-Native). The API server will interact with the oncology interface, the patient facing mobile applications as well as our data science tier.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/projectronin/c2283169-9618-44a3-b2c9-8... or send us an email to hiring@projectronin.com

(We're also looking for a seasoned Product Manager, preferably with Healthcare experience, as well a Designer)

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