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It's funny, the article says that none of Terman's Termites became examplars of genius, but Lee Cronbach is definitely in the top 1% of most influential psychologists.

To name a few accomplishments..

* If wikipedia is correct, he was the "48th most cited psychologist as of 2002".

* He has an extremely popular metric named after him (Cronbach's alpha)

* President of American Psychological Association.

Maybe what he is missing to the author is the popular media appeal Feynman has. However, I'm not sure that's a good criterion for genius, since I'm not sure it's something Cronbach wanted.


Yeah, the article talked about "only" becoming Stanford professors... maybe the author doesn't realize how incredibly hard and rare it is to be a professor at a tier 1 research institution, not to mention being as prolific as Cronbach. The kids didn't become Nobel laureates but... so? That's an insane expectation for high achievement.

I believe that Shockley just missed the cutoff for this study. Because it had a fairly high weight on verbal score.

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