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Poll: What is your primary operating system?
6 points by tomglynch 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments
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Linux Mint, currently on 18.3 but thinking about upgrading to 19 at some point.

Haha, version of Linux is another poll in itself

It's complicated. I use macOS (not MacOS btw) on my personal computer, Windows in the office, and Linux (mainly Ubuntu server) for my own projects.

I guess I use Windows 40h, use Linux 3h, and use macOS around 30h per week.

So hard, I really use all of those. But no multiple/all of the above choice. Chose Linux, because if there's just one choice, that's what I'd go for.

Edit: Ooh, I can actually choose multiple... hehe, did so.

I can add a multiple option if you would like?

General Internet browsing: Windows Work and School: Linux VM

I would do it the other way, but linux in a vm is nicer than windows in a vm, and my laptop manufacturer made it too much of a PitA to dual boot.

Without any deliberate or conscious effort MacOS has become my primary operating system. I only use Windows for software development.

Most non-devs I know would have to say iOS or Android because they log more raw hours on their phones than any other single device

for work (development) macOS, Linux on the server side, Windows when it comes for private things (gaming, making music)

Indeed. I’ve got 7 computers and 4 OSes on my desk : macOS, Linux, Windows, IOS,

MacOS might as well be iOS at this point. The two will merge very soon.

Pop!_OS here, super smooth experience. Best so far in terms of computing

Nothing but Linux, even my phone is powered by Sailfish.

Office: Linux (Ubuntu) Personal: Linux (Manjaro)

Everything other than Linux...

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