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ONSITE / Boston, MA / radix.bio / VISA SPONSOR / SCALA ENGINEER / 90-150k / EQUITY

At Radix, we build a compiler and operating system for the computer architecture expressed by a biology lab. We do this to allow biologists to disseminate their work in a runnable form to other labs. We're currently hiring Scala engineers to help us with this. Our entire stack is in Scala, from our compiler to our graphical UI for biologists to our device drivers. We interface with sensors and lab equipment to provide abstractions that allow biologists to write their lab protocols as formal programs, constraining the acceptable environmental conditions in their protocol, which we check at compile time to provide error logs and insight into why protocols may not reproduce.

If you enjoy formal logic, theorem provers, user experience design, or driver development, we really like those too. Parts of how our product works are technically awesome, with some cutting edge research into theorem prover optimization and heuristic generation making our product possible.

We've just cleared our Seed round, with investors like MIT's The Engine, Y Combinator, and Firstminute capital. We're a rapidly growing team that could use a person like you. Even if you don't meet all of our requirements, we're happy to talk and see if we can work together.

Sounds very interesting. Do you or Radix have some contact information? All I found on the site was the general contact info. Thanks!

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