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A JavaScript IDE for the iPhone (webdesktoplife.com)
127 points by blackmac on Oct 20, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments

This is something I've wanted to do, so let me share the random ideas I had:

- Horizontal space is at a premium, so don't show line numbers. When scrolling, show the line numbers hovering over the lines (so I can find my spot in a long file if I need to), but I don't need to see them while actually editing a line.

- The big win on the iPhone is not so much writing as reading. Make it easy to download a GitHub repo of source I might want to read on my commute. And make it easy for a project to link to that. Then I can get familiar with the coding style and abilities of, say, backbone.js or some other new javascript thing, while standing on the Metro.

I've been mulling to do one as well, another idea is arrow keys to move the cursor about instead of trying to touch where you want it.

Does the iPhone provide a way to download files like that? I'm running an older model (3G) so maybe that limitation is gone, but it's something that I find very lacking. Wow, though, being able to comfortably read js libraries - and write small tests, even - on a phone would be fantastic.

iPhone Safari supports local storage and local SQLite databases. You could force some sort of offline access into it.

There's no access to the filesystem in iOS Safari, no uploading or downloading files.

Implementing good scrolling with textareas not reacting to touch events is kind of hard. I will implement import of external files though, maybe not complete repos in the first step though

I wrote a similar one for CoffeeScript: http://www.mrspeaker.net/2010/04/29/instant-coffeescript/ but it uses the HTML5 cache manifest stuff to let it work offline (kind of) like a native app. I wrote to the creator of the JS IDE saying "please do the same!" but actually, I really want it so I'm also doing it myself (and will post him the changes when I'm done).

I am definitely going to do that, plus I will add a way to save scripts to the local SQLite DB.

I've been using (and loving) JsAnywhere [1] (iTunes link[2])


[1]: http://jsany.org/

[2]: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/javascript-anywhere/id3634522...

I use and love jsanywhere but it is desperately in need of key shortcuts! switching key layouts every time I need ;(){}[]+-= is a killer.

Another alternative worth checking out is JSConsole:

Browser: http://jsconsole.com/ iOS: http://jsconsole.com/app/ Source Code: http://github.com/remy/jsconsole

It's sad that this app doesn't work with a normal desktop browser - IMHO one shouldn't rely completely on touch events.

It almost works with Android, except for the special-characters-menu, the tooltip of which gets hidden under textarea.

I'd like to use this as an opportunity to implore someone to write a JS/CSS/HTML editor for iPad, with option to sftp it remotely and simple syncing... a scaled down version of TextMate with simpler features.

I would happily pay for this app.

I have a great idea for how to do one, but not nearly enough time to make it happen. :(

Great little tool, but of your list of possible features to add, I think syntax highlighting should move to the top. It improves readability and thus usability greatly.

Now we can all code epic viruses on our phones just like in the pilot of the latest Doctor Who series.

I tried it on my iPod Touch, OS version 3.1.2 and could not get the keyboard to come up or see any code from the samples appear in the textarea. Seems pretty cool in the iPhone Simulator though.

We did it as native app, for now Android.. iPhone to come. We have some cool features. Javascript will be supported in next official release, but for hacker news a preview version with JS - http://www.touchqode.com/downloads/experimental/MobileCodeEd...

---- [http://www.touchqode.com/]

That's awesome - best part about it being a webapp is that it works beautifully on my Android phone too :)

The first update with some of the most requested features is here. Have fun!


Looks nice, but way to small on the iPad. I would guess with a few small CSS changes (relative instead of absolute positions) it would work well on both devices.

It's a little bit amazing having a touchscreen keyboard, in that if it's missing a certain key, you can just add it.

Awesome, but what's with the domain name? Might want to pick something easier to remember / type.

This is almost as cool as the dreams I keep having of a Vim port for the iPad.

OK, hard mode: use standards so that it works on more than one platform.

Can we make saving easier? Maybe Share/Email This?

The new version has email sharing. Thank you!

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