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Apple Maps. I’ve been using it as my primary maps app for about an year and it’s been pretty good. I live in the bay area so YMMV if you live somewhere else.

I've used the Apple Maps navigation during the last vacation in Spain (rental car did only support Apple car play), and the navigation desperately needs some love. The worst things are:

- no support for roundabouts: it's really hard to determine where you have to leave, and the spoken hints are not helping. Why not displaying a top view of the intersection/roundabout like other navigation devices do?

- no good support for leaving a highway. If the connection is non-standard the speech commands seem off/hard to understand. Top view again would help.

I tried to use it some time ago and visiting another city. I followed directions and after a bunch of left/right suddenly it instructed me to "drive west". This was on a pretty big street and as far as I can tell Apple Maps knew my location properly. Pretty fun.

Not sure about the second, but the lane guidance icon does change to show a diagram of which exit to take, and you should also see the 2.5D map with a blue line showing the route on the actual map.

Apple maps seems to have roundabout support in the Bay Area. Maybe they have not collected the data for Spain yet.

Unfortunately no public transport data in Switzerland in Apple Maps. Google Maps is hard to beat here

This is still my primary reason to use GMaps - I wish they would prioritize Public Transport in Apple Maps - SBB even provides an API they could easily use to get any schedule they need as far as i know.

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