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From Io example below I would say it's a little different. It's more like it has a runtime api to change/generate it's runtime. I think SmallTalk has something similar to this.

In Io, all code is data. Below is an example of changing a functions behaviour (from addition to subtraction):

    Io> plus := block (a, b, a + b)
    ==> method(a, b, 
        a + b
    Io> plus call (1, 2)
    ==> 3
    Io> plus message next setName ("-")
    ==> -(b)
    Io> plus
    ==> method(a, b, 
        a - b
    Io> plus call (1, 2)
    ==> -1
ref: Io Has A Very Clean Mirror (WayBackMachine copy) - http://web.archive.org/web/20080212010904/http://hackety.org...

Very cool!

There are few properties about concurrency, coroutines, embed-ability, and I suppose nice process of making bindings that I value really a lot and Io HAS. Looking at your example, I will definitely look again at Io. Thanks!

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