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"always release on a Thursday" - never heard that one before

Anyone care to speculate or enlighten the rest of us on where this pearl comes from?

Enlightenment not implied, but here's my retrospective theory:

  Sunday: few people looking to start something new, languish for a few days.
  Monday: it's *Monday*.
  Tuesday: Still beginning of the week, things are still being piled on
  Wednesday: nothing wrong with it
  Thursday: early adopters try, advantage of full Friday + an extra day of users before weekend
  Friday: people finish / wind down / have more free time to start things
  Saturday: In the swing of X, or looking to start X.
With an assumption that you will always have early adopters any day of the week, at roughly level values (or increasing on Friday evening through Sunday).

My final take from that: Thursday gives you part of a day with early birds to find game-breakers ASAP, and Friday and Saturday are useful days to have early to boost your numbers at the start. You're also sure to get all of Friday by starting on the day before. Wednesday gives little advantage over Thursday, but costs you another day before bug-fixing weekend / next week. And early week releases are, well, too close to Monday. Nobody likes that.

All of which is wildly subjective, and is merely justification and not reason. But it makes some sense in this light (to me, at least).

There are two parts to the Thursday logic: The first is that Apple updates the "featured apps" list every Thursday, so in theory if your game is coming out that week, you could get featured on your launch day.

The second part is the fact that Saturdays are the biggest App Store sales day of the week, so by launching on a Thursday, you have a couple days to build up steam and be high in the charts by the time Saturday rolls around.

i would imagine that applies more to the entertainment content. A game released on Thursday, will get played and told to the friends about Friday thru Sunday

App store sales spike on weekends, so better to ride that trend.

If you release on Thursday and there are problems, you can always fix them on Friday. If you try and release on Friday, any problem will make for an unhappy releaser.

fixes have to go through app store approval, so you can't fix it on friday. it takes about a week for it to get released

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