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Ask HN: What podcasts do you listen to regularly?
208 points by lsr_ssri on Sept 26, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 147 comments

Planet Money just turned 10 years old and in that time I haven't found a podcast that has been more consistently informative and entertaining.

Some recent highlights:

- P is for Phosphorus https://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?stor...

- How the Social Security Number Became our National Identification https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2018/03/14/593620579/epis...

- The Poop Cartel: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2018/07/25/632444815/epis...

Planet Money was invaluable in understanding what was happening during the 2008 financial meltdown. They were creating new episodes nearly every other day to explain the next domino that was falling.

Since then they've done a nice pivot into using that style to explain other gears in the global economy. The series about making a T-shirt, for example, was excellent.

Another vote for Planet Money as it has been my top podcast! I would note that the indicator is far inferior to Planet Money as it is more the politicaly charged flavor of the show.

I've started listening to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks while riding my bike. Here's some of my favorites:

Storytelling: This American Life, Reply All, The Moth

Business / Finance: Startups For the Rest of us, The Indie Hackers Podcast, The SaaS Podcast, Planet Money

Comedy: Comedy Bang Bang, Hollywood Handbook, John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme

Science / History: The Infinite Monkey Cage, Stuff You Should Know, Hardcore History, Behind the Bastards

Philosophy / Discussion: The Knowledge Project, Think Again

I've tried listening to a lot of other podcasts, but these are the ones I keep coming back to.

I'll also listen to The Tim Ferriss Show if there's an interesting guest. He had an awesome conversation with Drew Houston recently, and there were lots of interesting stories from the early days of Dropbox.

I also really enjoyed Caliphate, but it's a mini-series that's finished.

SYSK and TIHP are awesome, +1.

Mostly german podcasts with focus on science and comedy.

English podcasts:

- omega tau - science and engineering (http://omegataupodcast.net/) now ten years old. Realy good mixed bag of topics. They interview people who know stuff or have done stuff. Last 4 topics were:

   292 – Gene Editing with CRISPR/Cas 

   291 – Flying in the Papuan Bush

   289 – Music Production at Sandlane Studios

   288 – Flight Research at NASA Armstrong, Part 3: Historic
German podcasts

- Methodisch Inkorrekt ( https://minkorrekt.de ) Review of 4 new science papers from all research subjects

- Kohlenpod (https://kohlenpod.de ) Germany is closing down all black coal mines this year. This podcast releases one episode every sunday until the end of the year and discusses the history of black coal in germany. He started with the Episode 52 and count towards 0.

- Chaos Radio Express ( https://cre.fm ) Weekly radio show with guests from the chaos computer club. Mostly tech related. Since this is also a public radio broadcast show, it tries to explain tech topics to non-tech people.

- Omega tau ( its mixed german and english)

- Kack und Sachgeschichten (http://www.kackundsachgeschichten.de ) Discussing movies and series.

- Alternativlos ( also mixed german/english depends on the guest ) ( https://alternativlos.org/ ) Politics. Not day-to-day politics but the "big pictures".

Perhaps not quite what the OP is looking for, but I use podcasts mostly for music consumption. My favorite (for quite a while now) is The Anjunadeep Edition [1], which delivers a 1 hour continuously-mixed "deep" (often programming-friendly) electronic music every week. I'd be curious to hear what other music podcasts HN recommends.

[1] Here's a recent episode I enjoyed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chn4SZWnJbc

I prefer to listen to music podcasts as well.

My absolute favourite is KEXP's Music That Matters[1] of the KEXP Live In-Studio performance fame[2]. They have an amazing artist selection.

I love the soothing voices of Cheryl Waters, Kevin Cole and John Richards, the short background informations they provide about the bands and their upcoming releases and tour dates, and the music usually spans across multiple genres which broadens your listening horizont and appreciation of other styles which you might not usually listen to.

But most of it all, I truly enjoy discovering new music from them which almost always is spectacular.

[1]: http://feeds.kexp.org/kexp/musicthatmatters [2]: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUh4W61bt_K6tflBpjWgn...

Sidenote: I also like that they prominently (actually, "equally" should be the more fitting word in a better world) feature female musicians/bands (which you sadly cannot say from most other music podcasts / radio shows... most of it features male voices/artists), even without ever mentioning "Ladies" or all-female or otherwise including the gender in their short artist announcements (as it should be).


Out of the more recent episodes 201-David Hohme & 206-Modd were top quality.

If you enjoy Anjunadeep then I think you will also like 'When We Dip' , Canopy Sounds and Magician on Duty podcasts. They really go well with the anjunadeep style although I would say is more laid back then Anjunadeep (which has an at times housier/trancier vibe).

I only really listen to one as I have other ways I tend to listen to music, but Hospital Records - https://www.hospitalrecords.com/podcast/ - is the one. It's entirely focused on drum'n'bass though.

Same same! Would love to read more music podcast recommendations. My personal pick is The Concert by the Gardner Museum. Each episode is a live performance of classical chamber music. Sadly shut down last year but there are 12 years of archives online and all episodes are still available in the feed.

Signed up after years of lurking just to ask for more classical music podcast recommendations. Thanks to your recommendation, I have listened to "The Concert" for the last couple of hours while working and it's absolutely incredible. Amazing quality, brief introductions packed with interesting bits of info and a great selection.

I have classical playlists in youtube but their quality is nowhere near this podcast's and I didn't learn anything about the genre while listening to them since it's just popular tracks passing one after the other in the background without an introduction.

Resident Advisor! It’s mostly (European) techno and experimental, but they have a bit of everything in the electronic realm.


No Such Thing As A Fish - from the team who do research for the show QI

ABC Radio Nation does quite a few great shows, you’ll find them at http://abc.net.au/rn

I absolutely love No Such Thing As A Fish. I religiously listen to and wait for every new episode.

I didn't know that was still going. They had a brief stint on TV a few years ago.

I love this podcast - it's such a lighthearted escape from daily life.

One thing I couldn't find out from their website: what happened to the fifty-odd early episodes which're no longer available?

You'd have to pay for them, episodes 2-52

EconTalk - interviews with social scientists about various topics. The interviewer is an economist so it's an interesting discussion between experts.

Economics detective radio - similar to EconTalk

Rationally speaking - interviews related to rational thinking.

80,000 Hours podcast - in depth interviews about the world's biggest problems and how to use your career to solve them. (Disclaimer: I used to work for them, but I genuinely love the podcast)

Feeling good podcast - by one of the pioneers of cognitive behavioural therapy, discusses mental health techniques.

[2017] Ask HN: What are your favorite podcasts?


Jason Calacanis of course!

Startups: This Week In Startups

Startups: Mixergy https://mixergy.com/

Startups: How I built this

Startups: Rocketship

Startups: Steve Blank podcast

Startups: The SAAS podcast

Startups: Startup grind

Startups: Art of Product

Startups: Rocketship

Fantasy fiction: Podcastle

Fantasy fiction: Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Horror fiction: Psuedopod

Sci fi fiction: Clarkesworld

Sci fi fiction: Lightspeed magazine

History: History of the Crusades

History: In Our Time

History: Emperors of Rome

Science: ABC The Science Show

Life: The Moth

Life: Modern Love

Games: IGN GamesScoop

Games: Eaten By A Grue

Very niche, but anyone with eye floaters may be interested in a newly published podcast that interviewed the leading researcher in the field, Dr.Sebag.


Skip about 10 minutes ahead for the interview.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Carlin has an amazing way of telling stories, and he goes really in-depth.

Critical Role - A group of people playing Dungeons and Dragons, the episodes are long and always keep me chuckling most of the way through.

I'm an "ETF Guy" so I listen to a lot of the wonky ETF and Finance-related podcasts:

- Behind the Markets with Jeremy Schwartz

- Invest like the Best - with O'Shaughnessy - not just finance stuff. example: Recent podcast on "Tracking" wild animals in the bush was great.

- The Curious Investor - AQR's new Podcast on financial factors and the like

- The Meb Faber Show - Meb Faber runs a fund and has interesting guests

- The Monthly Dirtcast - ex-Lehman guy who started a popular daily financial newsletter. Still OK - needs help editing and more frequency.

- Trillions - ETF-Focused Bloomberg podcast with Eric Balchunas. Trillions refers to the $5tr in ETF assets today

Other Stuff

- 99% Invisible - interesting random stuff - well produced

- Bowery Boys - NYC history

- Desert Island Discs - long running radio interviews on the BBC

- How I Built This - interviews with Entrepreneurs - highly recommended (NPR)

- Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

- Pod Save America - Ex-Obama guys discussing the past week's news

- Real Time with Bill Maher - audio of his HBO show - never actually seen the show - you miss out on some visuals but fun to listen to his ranting.

- Wait Wait Dont Tell Me, This American Life, The Moth - 3 well-produced NPR podcasts. Wait Wait is a game show with the latest week's news - fun background noise for me. This American Life has interesting stories but can get a bit slow.

- Radiolab - the audio formatting bothers me - but they have interesting stories.

- Freakonomics - declined in quality a bit from a few years ago - but still nice to listen to.

- Joe Rogan Experience - Long (1-3 hour) podcasts - But Im always amazed at Joe Rogan's ability to connect with guests. I like his interview style, the cadence of his questions and how he gets people to open up. See Elon Musk's latest interview - also on Youtube.

Edit & Request for Podcasts (RFP): I note that either a lot of podcasts - or at least the ones I get recommended to me - tend to be "left-leaning" politically. I'm on the lookout for more right-leaning podcasts that balance this out a bit. I see one comment below suggesting "Left Right & Centre" may help... Other ideas?

> I'm on the lookout for more right-leaning podcasts that balance this out a bit...Other ideas?

If you want news, politics and culture from a perspective that is libertarianish and/or right-wing-ish, try:

* The Fifth Column - An editor of Reason Magazine + friends discuss news once a week

* Penn's Sunday School - Libertarian/atheist/skeptic magician Penn Jillette + comedian friends discuss news

* Coffee with Scott Adams - Will amusingly discuss from a "persuasion" frame why whatever Trump just did/said is, like, totally awesome and you just didn't get it :-)

* The Ben Shapiro Show - A very-Jewish conservative anti-abortion pro-Israel take on the news

* Honey Badger Radio - Outrage from a female-led Mens Rights Activist / anti-feminist perspective.

(To balance that last one: if you want outrage from an explicitly PRO-feminist perspective try Feminist Frequency. )

If you're looking for something on the right - Ricochet has a number of excellent podcasts. They are trying to be like the NPR of the center right.

- Dan Carlin's Hardcore History(there are like 2 episodes a year, but usually amazing) - Freakonomics - Software Engineering Radio - Joe Rogan Experience(selected, but as it is released every day I can say that I do this regularly - Revolutions Podcast - Tim Ferris Show

1. Acquired[0] - very good coverage on recent tech acquisitions + IPOs

2. Knowledge Project podcast[1]

3. Amp Hour[2] - I worked with Chris Gammell previously at a tech startup in Chicago. Pretty cool dude.

[0] - http://www.acquired.fm/

[1] - https://fs.blog/the-knowledge-project/

[2] - https://theamphour.com/

Malicious Life https://malicious.life

—-A bit of a history lesson in viruses, malware, and cyber crime. From Morris through CryptoLocker and now Target.

Darknet Diaries https://darknetdiaries.com/

—-Similar vein to ML, this one gets you into either specific events, people, or times.

Risky Business https://risky.biz

—-Weekly current affairs and news show dedicated to CyberSecurity. If this is your field, or next to your field, it’s worth listening to the news episodes at least (the numbered episodes).

ISC StormCast https://isc.sans.edu/podcast.html

—-A quick (5 min) daily cyber security podcast. If Risky.biz tickled your fancy, this one is worth the add too.

Philosophize This! is really an incredible take on older and more modern philosophy. Stephen West is a great story teller and every episode is very well curated and researched.

Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey I've never been a fan of talk shows, but they manage to talk about all aspects of life and relationships.

Maybe late to the party, but since I didn't see it mentioned, I would recommend the podcast The Last Podcast on the Left [1]. Three guys research true crime and bizarre stuff such as cults [2] and serial killers [3]. They tell the facts and their person take with a good dose of humour.

[1] https://www.lastpodcastontheleft.com/

[2] https://m.soundcloud.com/lastpodcastontheleft/episode-300-jo...

[3] https://m.soundcloud.com/lastpodcastontheleft/episode-317-de...

I'll have to check that out. Along the same lines are Lore and Criminal.

'How I Built This'. Everything else that my wife and I have tried listening to is either extremely dull or frustratingly conversational.

What is it about the conversation that you find frustrating when listening to those types of podcasts?

It annoys me when I have gone to the trouble to hear about a specific topic only to have the hosts chat for the first 8 minutes about their personal lives or about stuff that is completely off topic. Focus would be appreciated.

For me it's the same. I don't have much time to listen to podcasts so general chat or low density talk just isn't efficient.

I like some conversational podcasts like After On where they tend to stick to discussing the topic at hand but I couldn't get into Stuff You Should Know or Joe Rogan as there was a lot of general chat in there or not high enough information density.

I don't want to hear 5 minutes of why somebody thinks something is worth doing a podcast on: just tell me the interesting stuff and I'll judge for myself.


  - Dotnet Rocks  
  - Coding Blocks  
  - Coder Radio  
  - Talk Python To Me  
  - SE Daily  
  - Full Stack Radio  
  - Vanilla JS Podcast  
  - JS Jabber  
  - The Changelog  
  - Syntax   
  - Python Bytes

  - Hidden Brain

Active Podcasts:

- Dan Carlin's Hardcore Histories & Hardcore History Addendum

- The Art of Manliness (i.e., everything I wish I knew as a teen, not specifically for men, mostly author interviews)

- History Extra Podcast (focussed on British history)

- Stoic Meditations

- The British History Podcast

- The Economist: Babbage (science news)

- Mike Duncan's Revolutions (deep dives on select revolutions since 1600)

- The World in Time / Lapham's Quarterly (great author interviews)

"Finished" podcasts:

- Mike Duncan's The History of Rome

- Lars Brownworth's Norman Centuries

- Lars Brownworth's 12 Byzantine Emperors

- Jamie Redfern's Hannibal and the Punic Wars

- Jamie Redfern's The History of Alexander the Great

- Tony Cocks' Binge Thinking History

- The Ancient World

- The History of the World in 100 Objects

Lots of politics, with a smattering of pop culture and design.

"Why Is This Happening?" from Chris Hayes is the most insightful hour I spend listening to a podcast each week. — https://art19.com/shows/why-is-this-happening-with-chris-hay...

Pod Save America, Lovett or Leave It, Keep It, Pod Save the People, and Hysteria from Crooked Media. https://crooked.com. "a sane conversation about politics."

99% Invisible — interesting, usually esoteric design-centric podcast. https://99percentinvisible.org

Pop Culture Happy Hour — Three NPR hosts who genuinely like each other and popular media yak about whatever's inspiring them this week. https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510282/pop-culture-happy-hour

Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara — Always insightful and thoughtful look at current events through a law and justice lens https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/preetbharara

The Indicator and Planet Money are both great. They do a good job of explaining economic subjects from the yield curve to farming insurance for Africa in a fun/digestible way.

Until about 6 weeks ago I commuted an hour one-way so I filled my two hours with podcasts. In the past weeks I haven't been as avid a listener. Regardless, I spent five years tweaking my list for my taste.

- SANS Internet Stormcast https://isc.sans.edu/podcast.html

- NPR Up First https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510318/up-first

- The CyberWire https://thecyberwire.com/

- Daily Tech Headlines http://www.dailytechnewsshow.com/category/headlines/

- NPR The Indicator https://www.npr.org/sections/money/567724614/the-indicator

- Casefile https://casefilepodcast.com/

- Historical Figures https://www.parcast.com/history/

- Serial Killers https://www.parcast.com/serial/

If you speak spanish and want a fun podcast about tech insights, pop culture, philosophy and overthought analysis on simple things I love listening to Robot: https://revistaelrobot.com It's fun, entertaining, they have over 170 episodes and more than 3 years running on a weekly basis. Really enjoyable.

IDK. I have listen to each of the 172 episodes so far several times each... yes, there are enjoyable moments, but some of the hosts are weird and a little politically incorrect. Just my opinion.

I've been listening to Robot since day 1. It's a really close conversation between friends who love tech and enjoy talking about it. I love it.

Security now with Steve Gibson http://feeds.twit.tv/sn

Software Engineering Daily https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/feed/podcast via @PodcastAddict

I listen to a lot of technology podcasts, but my absolute favorite is "Coding Blocks". The hosts have such a good synergy with each other. They often read a few chapters of a book before an episode and then discuss their interpretations and personal experiences, which I find to be a great format.

The podcast I'm looking most forward to is The David Feldman Show [1] His guests are comedians (the brilliant Aaron Berg) and politicians/activists (left). He asks good questions, talks about current events and I learned a lot about American politics. As a counterweight, I'm listening to Joe Walsh (Teaparty guy) and his neolithic point of view (back to the good ol' days). His anti trump rants are sometimes good and it's super cringey when some real conspiracy theorists are calling in and he has to cut them off. But I barely make it through a whole episode, because it's just too much repetition.

[1] https://davidfeldmanshow.com/

I recent started listening to The Greatest Generation, a comedy podcast where two guys watch the whole of Star Trek: TNG in order (later they tackle DS9). They have a lot of fun riffing off it, especially the really bad early episodes, but there's also interesting discussion about the show's politics, whether it still holds up, etc. It's highly enjoyable, especially if you're of the age group who grew up with the show in the 80s and 90s.


* Pod Save America - "Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency."

* 99% Invisible - "Design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we've just stopped noticing. 99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture." - Roman Mars' voice and production is amazing, and I find the subject matter fascinating.

* Planet Money - "The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening." - Often interesting looks at economic aspects of society.

* The Adventure Zone - "Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure." - They're playing D&D with their dad. It hooked me.

Chapo Trap House - It's ok to make fun of politics. It is a ridiculous spectacle. - https://soundcloud.com/chapo-trap-house

I like to listen to them when they make fun about Cernovich, Q and the Alt-right, but sometimes it's just too specific about people I've never heard of.

"The New Yorker: Fiction"

Hundreds of short stories from past decades of the magazine, selected and read by contemporary authors. Moderated by Deborah Triesman, whose speaking voice is as musical as any I've ever heard.

I listen to 4:

[0] Giant Bombcast and Beastcast (Premium)

[1] Colin's Last Stand (Side Quest, KnockBack, Sacred Symbols, and Fireside Chats)

[2] Retronauts

[3] 8-4 Play


[0] https://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/

[1] https://www.patreon.com/colinslaststand

[2] https://archive.org/details/Retronauts1-100

[3] http://8-4.jp

Jocko Podcast (leadership, war, self improvement)

Conversations With Tyler (Politics, Books, Economics)

Masters in Business (Ritholtz, finance and econ)

Invest like the Best (Patrick Oshaugnessey, finance, econ, crypto)

a16z podcast (tech, vc)

This Week In Startups (Jason Calacanus, tech, vc)

The Knowledge Project (Shane Parrish, learning and investing)

Tim Ferriss (fitness, self improvement, business)

Joe Rogan Experience (nature, hunting, fitness)

Planet Money (NPR, stories about finance and econ)

Revisionist History (Gladwell, lots of great stories)


The Full 60 (Craig Custance)

TSN OverDrive

Spittin Chicklets

YouTube Channels:

How to Start a Startup (Sam Altman)

Talks At Google


Toronto Mike'd Podcast (Mike Boone, TO-based radio and TV personalities talk about the city and their careers)

Ologies with Alie Ward is a personal favourite (Alie interviews a different ologist each week).

Philosophers in Space takes a sci-fi tv show or movie and examines the philosophical ideas behind it.

Download This Show by the ABC (Australia) is a great listen about tech news.

Citation Needed is great but only for those who like their comedy loud and offensive.

Rocket Ranch is NASA's podcast and is nicely geeky.

Also Stephen Fry's Great Leap Years is fascinating and funny.

Apart from that, +1 for Reply All, Darknet Diaries, Hardcore History and Syntax

I dislike most tech podcasts, except the great

NLP Highlights Podcast

which interviews researchers about recent papers they have written

I also listen to a bunch of politics podcasts

The Weeds

Erza Klein Show

538 politics podcasts

Gimme Shelter: The California Housing Crisis Podcast

As a former regular Weeds listener whose politics are drifting conservative: I'd recommend Commentary and The Editors: National Review. John Podhoretz is one of the most fair-minded pundits around, and The Editors has a broad spectrum of conservative opinions.

The Weeds is so good!

Also listen to a bunch of the Crooked Media podcasts, Pod Save the World, The Wilderness.

3 episodes a week now, baby!

Is Pod Save the World better than Pod Save America? I gave the later a try and didn't like it at all.

Oh, also, 1A on NPR is pretty good too, I don't listen to it too much these days, since it's a bit hit or miss, but it was the first podcast I really got into :)

I find I only have bandwidth for 1-2 of the Crooked pods a week. PSA is good, PSW is for when a topic catches my eye. Hysteria is really good. LIOLI is sublime.

Skeptoid: Debunking Conspiracy Theories Planet Money: Monetary news Economist:Babbage: Economics news The Reboot Podcast: Personal development Startup: Podcast about startups Useless Information: Neat show about history Stuff you missed in history class: Another history show Reply All: Internet related news I Should Be Writing: Show about aspiring writers Ditch Diggers: Show for writers

- The Dollop -- Comedic American History

- Omnnibus -- Pop culture minutiae with that guy who's good at Jeopardy

- Mission to Zyxx -- Improve scifi comedy

Occasionals/not currently airing: - Mystery Show -- solves a mystery they can't google while being very spunky

- Revisionist History -- Uses history to make a point

- Alice Isn't Dead -- Hard to describe. Best listened to in a car at night

- Darknet Diarier -- Old hacking stories

- Hardcore History -- Very long engaging history stories

Infinite Monkey Cage, Material World, History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, Thinking Allowed, The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry.

Youtube sucks because you cannot turn the phone screen off and listen only the audio. But I use "youtube-dl -x" to extract audio in my home server. I listen many "podcasts" in various languages this way.

Joe Rogan is my favourite, best of those should be in Netflix. When properly translated they would have worldwide audience, like the one with Elon Musk.

Check out newpipe, it's in f-droid. It supports audio-only with the screen off, and downloading audio from videos.

On Android I use Firefox with [1] and [2] for YouTube; the former lets me turn the screen off without letting YouTube know that the screen is turned off.

On my laptop, I use youtube-dl when I want to keep a personal copy, and mpv/vlc (which automatically using youtube-dl internally) when I just want to play something once.


1: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-backgro...

2: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin...

> On Android I use Firefox with [1] and [2] for YouTube; the former lets me turn the screen off without letting YouTube know that the screen is turned off.

The problem is even if the screen is off, youtube still sends the video data to your phone. It would be nice if youtube gave us an option of "audio only" streaming so only the audio is sent. Currently the only work around is downloading the audio using youtube-dl.

> Youtube sucks because you cannot turn the phone screen off and listen only the audio.

Oh but you can. I have just tested on android, but if you open YouTube in Chrome and ask for the «Desktop site» in the menu, you can play, turn of the screen (the music stops), you turn the screen on again (without unlocking), and get a little toolbar you can press play to resume playing.

But does it stop streamin video too? I was living in Norway for two months this summer. 3 hours of Joe Roagan would have been 5 euros in roaming costs. Much cheaper is to start "Youtube -x" in my Helsinki server, and repack the audio into low quality 2 mega MP3-file.

Don't know if you know this, but given your example: The MP3s of the Joe Rogan Podcast can be downloaded from his website. Just an FYI.

Use https://huffduffer.com/ - it extracts the audio from Youtube Videos and adds it to a feed you can subscribe to. The bookmarklet lets you collect all the audio in the wild. Best service ever.

That's a premium feature. I find it well worth the money, plus no ads. https://www.youtube.com/premium

Does it allow offline audio-only too ?

Wittertainment. The BBC's flagship film review show from two grumpy old docs. It has enough of a dedicated listenership to have earned a fan made wiki of all the in jokes.


Command Line Heroes: https://www.redhat.com/en/command-line-heroes

Podcast by RedHat on tech history, systems, open source, cloud...

Very well produced (like, really well produced) but few episodes.

Season 2 is airing right now on what looks like a biweekly schedule.

Hello Internet


No Dumb Questions

The Anthropocene Reviewed


I like the 'two dudes talking' genre, mostly

Hey Tim, glad to see we like the same podcasts.

Have checked out any other relay.fm podcasts like Reconcilable Differences or Under the Radar?

Nice to see you here, Tim. :)

Late to the game, but I recently started listening to The Dollop where 2 comedians tell stories from American history to each other.

I wasn’t sure how much I was going to enjoy it and the hosts may not be to everyone’s taste but the stories they tell are so gripping I just have to keep listening to more episodes.

Dear Hank and John - a comedy podcast about death, and all the news from AFC Wimbledon and Mars! https://www.patreon.com/dearhankandjohn Recently became a part of the WNYC network

The Daily

99% Invisible

Indie Hackers Podcast

How I Built This


All Points North - English podcast about Finland

Brett Goldstein's podcast, Films to be Buried With.

Someone's review: https://overhillsandfaraway.com/2018/09/19/films-to-be-burie...

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe: critical thinking, science news, pseudoscience debunking, and more.

I see many of my favorites are already recommended, but these relatively niche ones are also amazing

For language/ culture: A way with words; If you speak Spanish: Radio Ambulante, Gag Ortega; Comedy: Beef and Dairy podcast, CBB; New: Where do we begin (real therapy session recording)

Darknet Diaries, it’s a 40-60 minute podcast that has a new episode 1-2 times a a month. It’s interviews and storytelling intermingled. The stories are very interesting and it’s usually an interview with a person who has been involved with a hack of some kind.

Here is the link for the ones interested: Darknet Diaries — https://darknetdiaries.com

I discovered it here on HN. I recommend it.

InfoSec news: risky.biz

Startups: Masters of Scale

Startups: a16z

Startup History: How I built this.

Comedy: Nothing beats the old episodes of the Bugle for a laugh.

The Tim Ferriss Show. He deconstructs world class performers and shares some of the unique characteristics and habits that make these people successful in their industry. A recent episode (episode #334) features Drew Houston, co-founder of Dropbox.

I tried Tech podcasts but cannot find one that suits my groove. I listen to Magic the Gathering and Wreslting Podcasts mainly.

I also listen to Freakonomics and some of the wisecrack ones too but mainly my drive to work is Wrassling or Gaming podcasts.

Someone on here recommended Jocko podcast[1] and I love it, totally not the kind of thing I'd normally listen to but very motivating.

[1] http://jockopodcast.com/

Philosophize This! (But beware of extreme postmodernism in later episodes)

The Productivity Show

Found My Fitness

Beyond what's already mentioned

Master of business - interviews with people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business. Some episodes are facinating to listen

Israel story - excellent Israeli version if this American Life

I cycle out shows pretty fast but these are the ones that remain in my playlist:

* Trashfuture: A British politics podcast about the future is trash. Insightful, if a little madcap at times.

* Boonta Vista: Australian politics. The main host has an amazing radio voice.

* Citations Needed: Politics, helps analyse the media and its tropes to give you a better handle on issues and how to engage with them.

* Previously in Europe: European politics, often takes time to highlight issues and countries that do not get much mass media play.

* Revolutions: History podcast - really well constructed nuggets breaking down revolutions throughout history. I personally fled to this after getting exhausted by Hardcore History.

* Shift-F1: A formula 1 podcast. Both hosts are passionate and also have different levels of knowledge about the sport and history which engenders good discussion. The schedule is super disrupted right now due to on one of the hosts having a baby.

* The Irish Passport: Irish politics- more a series of investigative essays than "What is on this week???", very good and earnest topics and coverage.

* The Bugle: Political Satire. What John Oliver did before he got big. Andy Zaltzmann is an amazing satirist, and should be more widely appreciated. Warning: Puns

* Waypoint Radio: Video games from a set of interesting voices. Can be very Marmite due to how blinkered the hosts can be on some topics/ with certain people.

* 99% Invisible: See other comments!

And finally: * Chapo Trap House: Political comedy. You know what this is.

* Reel Politik: Like Chapo, but recorded by angry young Brits. Awful sound quality, sometimes a golden nugget hidden within. Somehow gets some amazing guests. Listening to this gets you targeted by the Daily Mail, probably.

In ranked order,

1. On the Media (WNYC)

2. Behind the News with Doug Henwood

3. Talking Politics https://www.talkingpoliticspodcast.com/

3. The Dig by Daniel Denvir

4. Chaosradio

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Here's the log of podcasts I've listened to: https://j11g.com/podcasts.html

Diapers off http://www.diapersoff.com

About men growing up, dating, gender wars, comedy, business, etc.

Like many people mentioned, nothing can beat Planet Money. I tried to find something similar to it, and 99% Invisible is also good, albeit not as perfect.


- AppStories

- The Menu Bar

- The Talk Show with John Gruber

- Alternativlos (German)

- Netzpolitik.org (German)


- Science(ish)

- Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe

- Die 3 Formeltiere (German)

- Forschergeist (German)

- Methodisch Incorrekt (German)

Popculture/Comedy/Video games:

- A Storm of Spoilers

- Dice Funk

- The Jimquisition (Podqusition mainly)

There's also a bunch of Harry Potter related ones

Entrepreneur On Fire - https://eofire.com

Short and sweet interviews with various entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned with preet barat Lawfare journal The daily

Tim Ferris interviews so many interesting people.

a16z podcast. They always have very well thought out and interesting things to say for the startup space.

- The Ground Up Show

- The Minimalists

- Levar Burton Reads

I want to, but I don't have time for more podcasts. They distract me a lot so I only listen when I take a walk or commute.

Soft skills engineering.


Opening Arguments. It's a law podcast that's packed full of information about current events and is very accessible.

Language / words: The Allusionist and BBC's Word of Mouth Science: In Our Time, Inside Science and the Science Hour

Risky Biz infosec podcast - https://risky.biz/

Despite not working in infosec I tune into risky busisness (risky.biz) every week, it's a good round-up of the week without the overreaction you sometimes get from twitter and here in the immediate aftermath of a big leak or vuln.

Here are my favourites:

Digital Analytics Power Hour

The Indie Hackers Podcast

Startups for the Rest of Us

The Side Hustle Project

Empire Flippers Podcast

Double your Freelancing

Ditching Hourly

Side Hustle School (great byte sized audio content)

The Consulting Pipeline Podcast

Hello from the magic tavern - if you like D&D then you’ll fall in love with this.

Welcome To Night Vale - bizarre and compelling

Wonderly! American history tellers is absolutely fascinating. Also Atlanta Monster is f’in gripping.

Hello Internet-for general entertainment, Cortex-for general entertainment and some workflow insight

99% Invisible, Planet Money are good.

If your looking for some human connections, I would recommend Folk Stories: http://folkstories.org. It's a podcast focused on dialogue with interesting people - like an audio version of "Humans of New York" (disclaimer: I'm the host)

This is inspired by other podcasts that I follow, mainly "Tim Ferris Show", "Waking Up with Sam Harris" and "Fresh Air"

The Tom Woods Show [1] - A 30-minute show each weekday. Tom is Harvard/Columbia trained historian, amateur economist and libertarian philosopher. 1,250 episodes. The usual format is interview with a prominent thinker and/or doer.

Contra Krugman [2] - A weekly show where Tom Woods and economist Bob Murphy teach economics by analyzing an generally refuting Paul Krugman's New York Times column.

Part of the Problem [3] - A long-form semi-weekly(ish) talk show featuring comedian Dave Smith. Dave discusses current events and issues from a his libertarian perspective.

Dangerous History Podcast [4] - An irregular show that dives deep into various topics and episodes in history. Approaching 200 episodes.

[1] https://tomwoods.com/podcasts

[2] https://contrakrugman.com/

[3] https://gasdigitalnetwork.com/gdn-show-channels/part-of-the-...

[4] http://profcj.org/list-episodes

- Open Apple (about retrocomputing with the apple ][)

- ATP (accidental tech podcast)

- Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Liftoff! Bi-weekly summary of space news. NASA, SpaceX, ESA, science, exoplanets, ...

Is there a way to create a wiki of this list of suggestions and comments?

This is one of several questions that get asked repeatedly, and would be ideal for a HN wiki.

- Mixergy.

- Planet Money.

- Jordan Harbinger show (he was doing Arts of Charm in the past).

- 20 minutes VC - Harry Stebbings.

> IRL: Online Life Is Real Life

> The Tim Ferriss Show

> Recode Decode

> The Success Series Podcast

> Freakonomics

> Song Exploder

Steal this show

Can't go wrong with StarTalk :)

Jocko Podcast - never missed one.

accidental tech podcast beautiful anonymous

these two are my favorite for a long time.

Desert Island Discs

I listen to mostly political, comedy, and political comedy podcasts:

* Doug Loves Movies

* FiveThirtyEight Politics

* Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 (for The Now Show)

* MSNBC Rachel Maddow

* My Brother, My Brother and Me

* News Quiz Extra

* No Such Thing as a Fish

* Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

* What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

* Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes

Con Law is a great podcast. I'm always amused by Roman Mars's description of Elizabeth Joh. Also, WITH consistency blows me away. Last week's episode with Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman made me say "holy shit!" out loud at least twice.

I highly recommend The David Feldman Show. Long episodes with guests - comedians, but also politics. A weekly appearance of Aaron Berg who is super funny. https://davidfeldmanshow.com/

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Dotnetrocks (though it starts to be less about .net and more about whatever service Microsoft is marketing, but the geekout shows are fantastic)

Dan Carlin hardcore history

Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson (philosophy/politics)

Twit.tv (mostly for Leo Laporte)

  - EconTalk
  - Waking Up, with Sam Harris
  - On the Media
  - LSE Talks
The London School of Economics is one of the few prestigious schools who doesn't hoard their speaker series events.

Waking up with Sam Harris, has some really interesting guests from a wide range of fields. Some Philosophy, Science, and Politics.

Cum Town is the funniest thing I've listened to in my entire life.

Uhh Yeah Dude


- Opening Arguments

- 99% Invisible

- Invisibilia

- This American Life

- StartUp

- Serial

- Hidden Brain

- All the President's Lawyers

- Radio Lab

- Science Friday

Dang, really enjoying reading all these great recommendations; my podcast load is going to be growing (again)!

My personal faves out of my 100+ subs are below. All should be available through a typical podcatcher app. Tried to mark some as NSFW but probably missed some. Some of these are extremely well-known but the question didn't specify "hidden gems".

Part-Time Genius - General interesting stuff

James O'Brien's Mystery Hour - BBC radio program. People call in with questions and answers to (generally) interesting questions.

Stuff You Should Know - Interesting general topics

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast - Best celtic music podcast around IMO

Behind the Bastards - Profiles of evil or otherwise undesirable people/entities in history (NSFW)

Crazy Genius - Interesting topics, sponsored by The Atlantic

In Our Time - BBC 4 science show (very high quality IMO)

Business Wars - Multi-part series regarding company vs. company stories (Blockbuster vs. Netflix and Nintendo vs. Sega are my faves)

Something You Should Know - General info, tends toward self-help and lifehacks

Curiosity Podcast - Curiosity is one of my favorite apps (interesting topics every day) and these are short episodes

Freakonomics Radio - From the same author of Freakonomics

The Changelog - Tech stuff; recent episodes include "Segment’s transition back to a monorepo" and "Istio service mesh and microservices"

Ear Hustle - Interviews with death row inmates; oddly fascinating (NSFW)

Linux Unplugged - Linux stuff

Lexicon Valley - Interesting stories about language

We Hate Movies - Riffing on bad movies; I especially like it when they blast movies I actually like (NSFW)

Skeptoid - Stories for skeptics (of general antiscience etc)

More or Less: Behind the Statistics - BBC4 radio podcast, insight behind hard data

Linux Action Show - Linux stuff

Internet History Podcast - Really more of a 'tech history' podcast; recent eps include "History of Google", "The Epic Fall of Digg", and interviews with folks like CmdrTaco (Slashdot)

Oh No Ross and Carrie - One of my absolute favorites. They investigate pseudoscience and other stuff from the inside out. My absolute favorite series by them is their 9-parter on Scientology. If you're a Scientologist, ignore this recommendation.

Skeptic's Guide to the Universe - Pushing back on the pseudoscience

This Week in Enterprise Tech - Tech podcast; recent eps include "Bullying Black Hat" and "Unikernels and the Death of the Security Patch"

StarTalk - Neil Degrasse Tyson (usually) and occasionally Bill Nye

Mysterious Universe - OK, I generally consider myself mostly rational but can't deny I enjoy listening to "out there" stuff. This is one of the "out there" podcasts with two Australians

How Did This Get Made? - Funny podcast about bad movies (NSFW)

Thirty Twenty Ten - These guys provide a "this day in history" from 30/20/10 years ago. Typically covers pop culture, video games, etc.

Science Vs. - Another very well done science podcast FLOSS Weekly - Free and open source topics

DogCast Radio - Dog stuff

The Curious Case of Rutherford and Fry - ANOTHER well-done science podcast from BBC Radio

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music - Free Scottish music. If it's not Scottish, it's crap!

Late Night Last Week - Condenses all of the late night comedians. Host is kind of preachy and annoying, come for the content though (NSFW)

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Best history podcast on the planet

Seincast - Going through every Seinfeld episode; they've concluded their run now. Breaks down the minutia and trivia from each episode, each scene.

The Weirdest Thing I learned this Week

Disgraceland - Pods about wild musicians

Hello From The Magic Tavern - Guy falls through a dimensional portal in a Burger King to the magical land of Foon. Radio-play style, I find this hilarious and well done.

Artificial Intelligence - Recent interviews with Christof Koch, Ray Kurzeil

Eddie Trunk Podcast - Interviews rock/metal musicians

Awkward Human Survival Guide - NSFW, adult topics

NPR Shows, BBC Shows



KEXP Song Of The Day

Science Vs


freeCodeCamp Podcast

egghead.io dev Chats



- a16z

- Exponent

- Slate Money

- Planet Money

- Goldman Sachs

- Hidden Brain

red scare (female russian immigrant socialists in new york critique metoo and other neoliberal stuff in a sexy manner)

(Brit here)

 * Rationally Speaking - Ran by the New York Skeptics society, just fantastic show about rationally thinking about economics, politics, society, etc.

* The Guardian's Brexit Means... - all things brexit

* Radiolab Presents: More Perfect - one my favourite podcast series ever; about the supreme court, from how it was made to landmark precedence-setting cases in civil rights.

* Presidential - A history of US presidents, ran over the 44 weeks leading up to the 2016 US election, each week a new president.

* The Ezra Klein Show - Long-form US politics interview show ran by the founder of VOX

* Vox's The Weeds - US politics panel discussion show, which gets "into the weeds" of US policy-making

* The Reith Lectures - A BBC4 lecture series about humanity, society and politics

* The Guardian UK: Politics weekly - self explanatory

* Left Right & Centre - US politics show that has commentators "from across the politcal spectrum"

* Week in Westminster - BBC westminster politics show

* Common Sense with Dan Carlin - Fantastic long-form show released once a month by a historian, who tries to put modern politics in a historical perspective.

* Pienaar's Politics - BBC 5 live’s (UK) politics show with professional cheeky git John Pienaar

* The New Statesman Podcast - UK Politics (and other stuff) from Helen Lewis and Stephen Bush (+ guests)

* Freakonomics - Fantastic podcast about all things economics

* The Moral Maze - BBC Radio 4 debate show about the moral philosophy of current issues. Highly recommended.

* The good fight: Yacsha Mounk on how to prevent populism and democratic backsliding

* Worldly - Vox's foreign affairs podcast

* Waking Up - Sam Harris' Long-form interview podcast

Tech and business:

* StartUp Podcast - Start Up culture and business

* Reply All - Fun about the internet and technology

* Note to Self - Technology show about "being human" in our technological age

* IRL - Tech podcast made by Mozilla

Other: * Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates - great debates on whatever's current

* Intelligence Squared - Original and UK version of the US one (i.e. has less adverts and less annoying hosts)

* The Briefing Room - Fantastic BBC4 program that investigates the facts and details "behind the biggest news stories"

* 99% Invisible - Show by Roman Mars about all the design that is hidden in our lives

* Revisionist History - Podcast by Malcolm Gladwell going back and reinterpreting something that happened historically, trying to understand it and revise any commonplace perspectives

* The Guardian’s Long Reads - Long-form articles from the Guardian in audio form

* Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - Fantastic book-length miniseries about major historical events and eras.

* Analysis - Great BBC program about analysis of current issues

* Heavyweight - entertaining and touching human stories

* Radiolab - all round radio show wunderkind

* Today Explained - Vox's daily news podcast

- Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

- Waking Up with Sam Harris

* Ajahn Amaro Talks

* Hardcore History

* Indie Hackers

* Joe Rogan Experience

* Waking Up - Sam Harris

* Tangentally Speaking

* Your Moms House

Joe Rogan Experience [0]. I love that he sits down with people and actually has long in-depth conversations with them. Here's a few interesting ones:

* Let's start with his Elon Musk discussion [1]. It came out 2 weeks ago and it already has 14m views. They basically discuss a bunch of his ideas along with things such as AI and the future of humanity. It's fascinating to get a peek into the kind of person he is.

* His discussion with Matthew Walker has been one of the most enlightening ones for me [2]. He's a sleep expert, and in the podcast they go over different myths relating to that. There was recently a HN post [3] where some people were quoting him and his book.

* Another big favorite of mine was his discussion with Paul Stamets [4], a mycologist (i.e. a mushroom expert). They discuss some of the effects of different kinds of mushrooms, including psilocybin mushrooms (colloquially known as magic mushrooms).

* I loved his discussion with Gary Johnson [5], the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate for 2016. How many other presidential candidates would you imagine would be willing to sit down and answer hard-hitting questions for +2 hours? He also had a discussion with Larry Sharpe [6], the Libertarian Party's candidate for governor of New York in 2018. Full disclosure: I recently joined the Libertarian Party. Listening to these podcasts pushed me to learn more about their movement.

* He had a discussion with Mikhaila Peterson [7], the daughter of Jordan Peterson, which many might find interesting. She had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and other medical issues all her life, and switching to a carnivore diet made all the symptoms go away

[0] http://podcasts.joerogan.net/

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycPr5-27vSI

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwaWilO_Pig

[3] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18050090

[4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPqWstVnRjQ

[5] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQIuHGbKckY

[6] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSmggQZno6w

[7] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF_7688Zk6s

Netflix should take best of Joe Rogan podcasts in the repertoire. When properly translated, they have worldwide audience. Joe Rogan standups are actually of lesser value, because they mostly deal with domestic issues in America.

"Waking Up, with Sam Harris" is excellent

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