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Core to agile is small incremental releases. Most technological innovation is done agile: in small releaseable increments. For example, We've been releasing small improvements for cars and planes for over 100 years. Every year a new model, with small improvements.

Humans are really bad at designing and building large improvements from paper requirements. Small improvements mean you understand most of the requirements are known and tested, and only small parts are uncertain.

The real problem is that testing requirements is really hard. You need to build the product to test the requirement. That's why most industries have an intermediate between requirements and product that is testable: this could be small scale prototypes, but more and more it's a virtual model that can be tested through software algorithms.

If we want to make real progress in the software industry, we need to move beyond word documents with requirements that are by definition not testable, to testable software models that don't require a full implementation. Low-code, model driven development is an example where this is happening.

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