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I am seriously interested, however your website has almost no information and I'll not book a 30-minute appointment at a later time to see how it works. The only informative part of the whole website seemed to be this screenshot: https://www.delibr.com/img/design/features/section2/xstep1.p...

Add more screenshots and less "integrates with slack".

Thanks for the feedback! We have avoided putting too many screenshots on the webpage since we made changes all the time initially. However, we are now ready to put screenshots.

"I'll not book..."? I guess you meant "I'll book..."? =)

No, nobody wants to spend 30 minutes to see if a vague description of some software might work for them. There's not enough hours in the day. There's about 20 products mentioned here already. That's more than a whole day of doing nothing but having someone try to sell me something which probably doesn't do what I'm looking for.

How about 10 minutes and you’ll get a Delibr T-shirt sent afterwards?

Actually it is "I'll not book". The time to make an impression on the user is while he is visiting your site.

Will you change it to “I’ll book” if I send you a Delibr T-shirt?

I'll change it to "I'll book" because I see that you are seriously dedicated to the product!

I don't need the T-Shirt but let's respect each other's time and try to do it in ten minutes. You personally are invited to contact me at "fbonawiede at dotancohen dot com" but please do not add me to any mailing lists. Thank you.

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