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To be honest, I would stay away from Zoho.

I know a couple of friends who work there and they frequently mention having access to raw email contents with minimal supervision. That's now how I want my email to be treated by the company hosting my email services.

I am Radha Vembu, the product manager for Zoho Mail and would like to clarify the process we follow:

For troubleshooting issues, we generally refer to email delivery status and activity logs of the user to help us understand the sequence of steps involved for a reported issue.

There are special cases related to spam/abuse for which we request the user to share the email headers/content whichever is applicable to the issue.

There are even rare instances of issues with mail parsing and to debug those cases, we ask our users for the complete original content of the email to simulate the problem.

You can also see our support team asking the users to share the original content of the email for debugging some of the issues, as seen in the links below.





We take the privacy and safeguarding of customer data extremely seriously, and adhere to the strict policies that govern access to user data.

Sorry for making you feel that we access our user's data without permission. That is far from the truth.

Most email providers have some sort of ability to seeing raw data. That's the problem with email protocols, not the company. When necessary it's largely used for legal purposes (i.e. think subpoenas or court evidence in general), virus tracking (finding who got the first one or first to open "that email"), technical issues, etc.

I can personally say I know how sift through probably 5 or 6 different email systems or providers for this kind of data. It may seem "creepy", it did to me at first, but after awhile you realize, in business at least, there's really nothing of interest. Probably only like 99.999% of emails exchanged will have nothing incriminating, embarrassing, or even worth reading. It's kind of like being the key holder for a safe. Someone's gotta be the keyholder and be able to access the data for when necessary. Sometimes there's an inherent level of trust required and usually they just dgaf what's there.

It's kind of like a virtual manifestation of the "IT Closet" that almost all companies have. A bunch of places I've worked there's a office or closet where all the old PCs, laptops, and hard drives get stashed away. All the IT staff get access, and yes the could go rummaging around looking for personal pics, old tax records, etc, most of the time it's just not a valid concern worth anyone's time to steal or protect.

What??? >>>> " having access to raw email contents with minimal supervision "

Is this is big company? How many clients do they have? This comment must be emailed to all of them...

Thanks for the information. It's quite amazing and shocking to hear that these guys are able to look at their customers emails.

That must be some kind of violation liable for a court case.

It's hearsay. For a counterargument: Zoho product manager replied in this thread.

Yikes. Thanks for sharing, this is noted.

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