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Don't Hire the Best (codingfearlessly.com)
2 points by mmozuras 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

The author makes some really good points about the complexity of the often stated goal "hiring the best." Shifting the focus toward what would it take to close the gap between candidate's current state and what the company sees as the needed role and contribution.

I think it is always useful to shift focus and ask questions in a different manner or from a new frame of reference. Here are a couple that I think about.

Can we build an organization that has training, processes and tooling that help average candidates perform in a demonstrably superior manner?

Can we find/develop leaders that are so good at leading and developing people that they can take a team made up of mostly C and D players, inspire, develop and forge them into a team that performs at A level even though the individuals making up the team seem less impressive on an individual basis?

Can we get really good at judging potential?

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